What Is A Good Substitute For Basmati Rice? 8 Best Substitute For Basmati Rice

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What Is Basmati Rice?

Basmati Rice is long-grain rice from the Indian sub-continent. Basmati rice is famous for its delicious taste, nice chew texture, and aroma. Mainly used in south Asian cuisines like Biryani and pulao, this rice is a darling for foodies.

Basmati rice requires damp climates readily available in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.  When you taste this rice with the perfect combo of spices and sauces, you will realize that it’s one of the best food experiences you have ever had. 

What Is Special About Basmati Rice?

The unique thing is the growth In the length of basmati rice when cooked and the strong taste that doesn’t change a lot but enhances the meal’s spice ad sauce effects.

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Can I Use Other Rice As A Substitute For Basmati Rice?

Luckily yes, sometimes, when you don’t find any basmati rice in the western supermarkets and you have a craving for Indian cuisine, you can easily use some close options.

Please note that you might feel a slight difference In the aroma and texture of the meal but hey! Don’t worry because it’s almost negligible.

What Is A Good Substitute For Basmati Rice? 8 Best Substitute For Basmati Rice:

Overall Jasmine Rice is the best substitute for Basmati rice. Here we are giving you 8 best substitutes for basmati rice to consider for your delicious meal. Each one of these is tried and tested.

What Is A Good Substitute For Basmati Rice

1. Can I Substitute Jasmine Rice For Basmati?

If you miss the aroma of basmati rice ad want to enjoy rice other than basmati which has an equal level of fragrance as the basmati, Jasmine rice is what you need.   Origin in Thailand, jasmine rice is long-grain white rice full of aroma and a symbol of Thai rice in the global markets.

The rice grain of jasmine rice is slightly shorter than the basmati grain but can be used as a substitute for basmati. Jasmine rice is a favorite choice for east Asian cuisines.

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Which Is Better Jasmine Or Basmati Rice?

This is a tough question, but we think there is a close tie between jasmine rice and basmati rice because both belong to close Asian regions (Subcontinent and Thailand). Both of these are full of aroma ad have a log grain length and can be seas a replacement for each other.

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2. Can I Substitute Popcorn Rice For Basmati?

Popcorn rice is very close to basmati rice in texture and size; actually, it’s a hybrid of basmati and developed in Louisiana, US. Its soft texture adds tasty flavor and makes it the best substitute for basmati, you can even make delicious Biryani from this rice, and the spices will merge with the rice kernels and give a feast to your taste buds.

It’s also known as Pecan rice and can be readily available in the marts.

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3. Can I Substitute White Rice For Basmati Rice?

Yes, you can, but be careful in the cooking process and take care of the moisture levels, so the rice gets the perfect texture and taste.Handling the rice is an art; you have to master it with practice and patience. Want to read more about white rice

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4. Can I Substitute Brown Rice For Basmati?

Long grain Brown rice is a healthier variant of rice; this rice is called whole grain due to its thick outer bran. This rice is a broad type of rice, and many of the rice have their white and brown variants. The strong nutty taste and hard texture of this rice are solid because they can overtake the effects of other ingredients of the meal.

The simple answer is: yes, you absolutely can substitute brown rice for basmati. The two are very similar in that they are both whole grain rice varieties and have comparable cooking times and ratios. Basmati is a little stickier, which means it works really well in dishes with lots of sauce or when you want the rice to stick together (like sushi or stuffed grape leaves). Brown rice is a little less sticky and a lot chewier – this makes it perfect for salads or pilafs, where you want the rice to be separate and not as soft.

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5. Can I Substitute Texmati Rice For Basmati?

Texmati rice is a cool breeze for basmati lovers in the western world. From the cross of long-grain white rice and basmati rice is texmati rice which was developed in the Texas US.

This rice has its own unique aroma and nearly the same texture as the basmati rice. You can easily use it in Indian cuisines.

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6. Can I Substitute Quinoa For Basmati?

This entry is actually not rice but a grain full of healthy nutrients that are essential for your health. The gluten-free property of this grain makes it more useful for diabetic persons because it helps regulate blood sugar levels and provides ample energy for daily routine. You can make a delicious breakfast with quinoa and can also pair it with nuts and honey to boost energy.

Theoretically, you can use quinoa in place of basmati rice in any recipe. Quinoa is a good source of protein, so if you’re swapping the two because you want to eat more protein, it’s a good move. It does have a slightly different texture and flavor, however, so you might need to adjust your cooking time or seasonings.

Quinoa has less starch than rice, so it won’t get as sticky or hold its shape as well when cooked. If you’re making a dish that needs the rice to stay firm — like sushi rolls — try making extra-firm quinoa (more on that below) and then rinsing it with cold water before using it in the recipe.

Basmati rice takes about 20 minutes to cook, while quinoa takes only 10, so if you’re substituting in a casserole or other recipe that cooks for more than 20 minutes, add the quinoa with 10 minutes left on the timer.

Another thing to keep in mind: Basmati rice is a tad sweet, while quinoa has a slightly nutty taste. When substituting one for the other in savory dishes, make sure the flavor of your finished product isn’t too sweet or too nutty

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7. Can I Substitute Bulgur Wheat For Basmati?

Bulgur wheat can be used as a substitute for basmati rice, and it justifies the position because of its nearly similar taste and texture to basmati rice. When it comes to the nutritional side, it has more carbs and proteins than the basmati, and also, the essential minerals such as iron and magnesium are in abundance.

It’s normally processed cracked wheat with many size variants depending upon the wheat kernel’s length.

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8. Can I Substitute Orzo For Basmati?

Orzo is actually a type of Italian pasta, and it’s very popular in Italy. It looks like rice in shape and size, but it’s not rice. Having a high-calorie value demands adding veggies or other grains to balance the effect of calories. You can easily buy orzo from your local mart because it’s very readily available In the US.

It can be cooked similar to the rice by adding water and spices. The cooking time for orzo and basmati rice is very near (10 to15 minutes).

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Can I Use Basmati Rice For Fried Rice?

Well, yes, if you have the basmati rice leftover in the kitchen, you can easily make fried rice out of it for making a taste al and also it will prevent the wastage of rice. You just need a little knowledge of frying and a little practice will be enough for you.

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Finally, reading to this point, you have now seen the different aspects of the basmati rice and know the basmati’s substitutes in its absence. You can always experiment with basmati and make dishes from other regions like East Asia, Latin America, and European cuisines with the basmati rice that will puff up your cooking game and surprise you with how versatile food can be.  

Enjoy your meal!