Aroma NutriWare 14-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer Review

Aroma NutriWare Rice Cooker Review:

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Aroma is the leading brand for cookware that ensures the best taste with the healthy way of cooking the meal. Aroma has aced the art of making the best rice cookers in the market and now becomes a leader in this market.

NutriWare is now becoming the symbol of healthy cooking; in simple words, it is the special branch of cookwares that ensures the preservation of healthy ingredients of the food items that are cooked in it.

NutriWare items usually consist of stainless steel interior with the option of a steaming tray for the veggies and meat. That’s why it is so popular in health-conscious consumers and especially the working class fed up with health issues using unhygienic cookware materials.

As the name of this rice cooker is mentioning that this is a healthy type of cookware, here we are for you to discuss the different factors of this rice cooker so you can decide whether to give it a chance or not.

Aroma NutriWare Rice Cooker Review

Aroma NutriWare Rice Cooker Design:

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Intro  |  Design  |  Features  |  Accessories  |  Videos  |  Our Score

Aroma NutriWare Rice Cooker has a simple design with a touch of a vintage look. The dimensions are 9.5 x 12 x 12.4 inches which makes it a moderate volume device.

This Aroma NutriWare Rice Cooker has 2 plastic handles to carry it properly, and they remain cold even during cooking. It has a weight of slightly more than 6 pounds, making it easy to move wherever you want to place it.


Aroma NutriWare 14-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker Features:

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Intro  |  Design  |  Features  |  Accessories  |  Videos  |  Our Score

This Aroma 14-Cup NutriWare Rice Cooker is a versatile rice cooker that has several useful features.


Key Features of Aroma NutriWare 14-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker are as follow



This feature is incredible in preserving the best texture and taste of the rice meal. First, the Saute function takes place, which uses high heat to internally cook the food by adding the liquid, water, or oil.

Once it’s done, the simmering starts to occur, which involves the evaporation of moisture, and the remaining food will have a rich taste and fluffy texture.

Actually, this is a pending patent by the Aroma corp. This technique is so friendly and popular that many other brands are incorporating these features into their cookers and fryers.


Keep Warm Option:

This big sized rice cooker takes care of you in a way that when it senses the cooking is done, it auto activates the keep warm setting.

Aroma NutriWare 14-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker will allow your food to be fresh and ready to use even after a while, so whenever you came back to your kitchen, you will taste the best and good textured food in healthy cookware.


Brown Rice:

Aroma NutriWare Rice Cooker (NRC-687SD-1SG) is a gift for brown rice users as it provides the preset for this rice. The brown rice usually takes more time than the typical white rice.

The brown rice has a thick outer body, which requires more moisture and heat to cook them evenly and deeply. Brown rice is rich in fats and carbs. So now you can enjoy the brown rice meal with this NutriWare rice cooker.


Easy Controls:

This Aroma NutriWare Rice Cooker has a super easy to control panel on the outer side, which has the presets of white and brown rice, Saute, then simmer, steam and warming option.

Just put the ingredients in it and push the desired preset, and it will start the cooking process for you. Please consult the cooker guidebook to know the exact timings for each presets.

Aroma NutriWare Rice Cooker features

Big Size:

If you have a big family or friends meeting, then ‘Boom’ will serve the members with its large capacity to cook up to 14 cups of (cooked) rice. That’s an adequate quantity for such a meeting.

Despite Aroma NutriWare significant size, it is pretty simple to wash and clean for subsequent time usage. Please note that it can usually cook minimum 3 cups of rice without any issue below this amount of rice, resulting in sticky rice at the bottom of the pot.


Glass Lid:

This Aroma NutriWare Rice Cooker has a tempered glass lid with a steam vent that makes the cooking process easy to monitor. You can see the cooker’s food and switch off the rice cooker whenever the food is cooked up to your desire.


Stainless Steel Inner Pot:

One of the reasons for Aroma Housewares NutriWare 14-Cup (Cooked) Digital rice cooker popularity is the steel inner pot, as people are now making the decision to avoid the nonstick cookware in order to save their health from toxic chemicals emitting from the cookware.

Stainless steel inner pot makes it perfectly safe for use, and the food is fully preserved in terms of nutrients and taste. Some rice may stick at the bottom, but overall results are incredible.


Steaming Pot:

Steaming is considered one of the best healthy ways to cook food. This Aroma NutriWare rice cooker preserves the nutrition value of the food items being cooked without direct contact with boiling water.

In steaming of food, the superheated steam is used for cooking the food avoiding the contact of water and using just the steam will preserve the solid texture of food, and it doesn’t become mushy and squeezed.

This Aroma NutriWare rice cooker is equipped with a stainless steel made steaming tray with a porous base, and it allows the steam to pass through it and cook the vegetables and sliced meat in few minutes.

14-Cup (Cooked) Aroma NutriWare rice cooker usually takes 15 to 25 minutes to steam cook the food in this rice cooker. You can even steam the items during rice cooking underneath as this tray fits above the inner pot.


One-Pot Dishes:

You can always cook other foods too in this rice cooker. Many people may think that this rice cooker can do the rice only, but this is not the case.

Aroma NutriWare rice cooker can prepare different types of one-pot meals in it pretty quickly, e.g. whole grain, pasta, noodles, quinoa, lentils, peas, porridge or even cakes.  All these foods can be made in this rice cooker with proper knowledge of settings and guidelines.

Aroma NutriWare 14-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker Accessories:

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This Aroma NutriWare rice cooker comes with a rice cup to measure the rice for cooking, a rice spatula to move and take the rice outside of the pot.

A cooker guide booklet is also provided for you to understand the settings and presets appropriately.



Model Number



9.5 x 12 x 12.4 inches




7 Cup (Uncooked) 14 Cups (Cooked)


6.2 pounds


Serving Spatula,
Measuring Cup & Cooker Guide Booklet

Aroma NutriWare 14-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker Videos:

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Intro  |  Design  |  Features  |  Accessories   |  Videos  |  Our Score


Total Score

Aroma NutriWare 14-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker

Aroma NutriWare Rice Cooker offers various innovative features like Saute-Then-Simmer, Warm Feature, Easy Controls and have Stainless Steel Inner Pot. This Rice Cooker from the Aroma has food-grade stainless steel components, which makes it a good choice for big families due to its massive capacity for rice cooking.



Our Rating

Before buying this multifaceted device we suggest you please also look at the reviews on Amazon so that you can have the best view about this fantastic item.

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