Rapid Rice Cooker Review

Rapid Rice Cooker Review:

Talent has no boundaries; it comes in all shapes and sizes. Rapid Brands is a “Shark Tank” featured brand known best for its durable, low cost and quick use kitchenware.

The BPA-free plastic material is used to make its single pot containers used as microwave rice cookers. They are easy to use and wash for the next cooking.

Rapid Rice Cooker (B01CZ1CD60):

Rapid Deluxe B01CZ1CD60 Rice cooker is a very new addition to the arsenal of this brand. It is pretty simple in design, looks like a plastic bowl with scaling on it for the rice.

This Rapid Rice Cooker Deluxe has a compact design and basket-like shape with the dimensions  9 x 7 x 7.5 inches. It weighs 1 pound, very easy to carry and replace if needed. Checkout the 10 best small rice cookers

Rapid rice cooker is made from BPA-free material, and it will not emit toxic chemicals when in contact with hot food items. It is safe to use for the family.

Rapid rice cooker is provided with a mini steam tray of rigid plastic that is high heat resistant with tiny pores at the bottom.

The upper lid is of dome-like shape with the clips to close the basket-like cooker tightly. You can steam cook the vegetable and other food items while the rice is cooking under them.

Please note that it is recommended to cook only white rice in this Rapid rice cooker due to their simple cooking, data shows that this rice cooker is not perfect for brown rice cooking due to its thick outer, and it becomes challenging to make them tender to the core.

Easy lifting tabs of plastic are provided for easy gripping, and the upper lid has a steam vent to avoid any over-pressure to the rice.

The upper lid is designed to sustain the moisture for the fluffy texture of the rice. The material is designed to remain functional for 5 years, and this is very good in terms of the price of this product.


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Rapid Brands

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9 x 7 x 7.5 inches




1 pounds


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Rapid Rice Cooker Instructions & Tips:

As mentioned, the quick rice cooking in 10 minutes but expert opinion is to soak the rice in water for 20  to 30 minutes before cooking them, and this will moist them to the best and help in their fast cooking.

Otherwise, the rice may become mushy or splatter due to starch in them. The standard method is to rinse the rice after soaking and let the starchy water let out, and again rinse until the water becomes clear, indicating that the rice is now starch-free.      

This Rapid rice cooker gives you the liberty to quickly prepare the rice in the microwave. Besides this, if you love to try different foods, you are most welcome. Pasta, sauces and noodles can be ready in just a few minutes without any hustle.

You just have to put the macaroni /pasta in it, then pour some water as per the directions in the cooking book and place it in the microwave for 5 to 8 minutes depending upon the nature of the food.

Then open it up and collect your mouthwatering food to eat. Please remember that this is an approximate time; always consult the instruction manual before doing the cooking.

If you want to avoid any sticky rice at the bottom of the pan, just use a little oil or cheese in the rice during the cooking; it will prevent them from sticking in the pot and preserve their texture with taste.

Relax yourself from any tension of the stove as you can now cook your rice wherever your microwave is. Your time will also be saved a lot with the help of this Rapid rice cooker as you can set the microwave accordingly, and white rice usually prepares in nearly 10 minutes.

As this Rapid rice cooker is easy to clean and you can use it repeatedly over a period of time, it’s cost-effective. You can also prepare the baby food (single pot) in it.



Please note it is always recommended to do proper research and analysis on Amazon before placing any order online.

Rapid Rice Cooker Review

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