Is Jasmine Rice Gluten Free?

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What is gluten?

Gluten comes from the Latin word for “glue”, and it was given this name because of its ability to create a flexible bond between two or more things.

Gluten gives elasticity to dough, helps it rise, and produces an air bubble structure within the dough. Because gluten does so much for dough and pastries, many assume that gluten is a great thing and that we need as much of it as possible. But we’re not taking into consideration how all those benefits affect our bodies.

Gluten is a protein found in certain grains, like wheat, rye and barley. It may causes an autoimmune disease called celiac disease, which affects around one out of every 133 people.

However, today it is believed that wheat gluten may not be the only reason for the development of allergies or gluten intolerance. The problem lies in two proteins found in bread: gliadin and glutenin. These are proteins which resist heat (unlike most proteins). They come from the seeds of wheat as well as barley, rye etc. – all difficult for coeliac to avoid in a modern diet.

Is Gluten Present In Rice?

If you want to avoid the gluten in your diet you need to be aware of the products containing this protein. As far the rice concerned, rice is normally gluten free unless it’s milled in a way that this is added to rice.

This can be a tricky thing for some, but remaining mindful to avoid the gluten is an important thing if you are sensitive to celiac causing things.

There are dozens of rice types that are in the market and if you are using the non-milled rice there is no need to worry about, you can also make it sure by checking the ‘Gluten-free’ stamp on the rice pack.

Is Jasmine Rice Gluten Free?

Mainly rice are divided into 3 main categories with further sub-variants.

  1. white rice
  2. Brown rice
  3. Wild rice

By nature all these types are gluten-free , as the jasmine rice is a variant of white rice that is basically the thai version of white rice .

This rice is a medium grain rice with a special appealing aroma and very much known in the world as a product of Thailand.

Jasmine rice is gluten free and safe to use if you follow a gluten free rice . You need to diversify the grains for a balanced diet and  this will give you the most of the vitamins , fats , carbs and essential nutrients that are vital for your body. Is Jasmine Rice Good For Diabetes?

Is Jasmine Rice Gluten Free?

What Rice Isn’t Gluten-Free?

Here comes the question, is there any rice with the gluten traces in it, Always remember that rice mixed with other types of grains have a highly potential of the gluten presence.

Sometimes the machines used in the milling are the same used for the gluten-possessing products which may contaminate the rice grains processed on the same equipment so always choose from the trusted brands that ensure you the gluten-free products.

Why Is Jasmine Rice Good For You? Benefits of Jasmine Rice:

As there are many variants of jasmine rice mostly jasmine rice is used in its white form but also have brown whole grain type.

Jasmine rice contains almost similar components as simple white rice contains in them.


Brown Jasmine rice contains a sizeable amount of fiber in it that helps to make the metabolism stronger and better. It also makes your bones and hair healthy and strong.

Fiber content makes your feeling of hunger fulfilled so you feel no hunger after consuming even a relatively small portion of jasmine rice.

Is jasmine Rice Good For Pregnant Women?

The folic acid content has present in jasmine rice that is very useful in case of pregnancy, so many doctors suggest to consume jasmine rice during this period by noticing the medical report of the person  that if that person is sensitive to jasmine rice or not.

Organic Nutrients:

It contains carbs , a little fats and proteins with essential portions of metals i.e iron  etc . All of these things make it very useful diet for the consumers.

Is Jasmine Rice Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, the brown Jasmine rice has a lot of fiber portion that helps to produce bones and muscle mass so it can be used after making it confirm that your body is fully accepting this rice.

Can You Eat White Jasmine Rice Every Day?

It’s not a good idea to consume it daily, instead you can make a weekly routine like fix 1 or 2 days that will have the rice meals. By doing that you can easily enjoy the yummy taste and its benefits in a safe and controlled way.

Some Of The Best Rice Jasmine Rice Brands:


Now reading to this point you have now looked the many useful information about the Jasmine rice .I hope this will be helpful for you.

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