Stainless Steel 12 Cup Lotus Foods Rice Cooker Review

Lotus Foods Rice Cooker Review:

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LOTUS is an international brand that provides certified organic foods. It follows the US standards of packed foods.

The brand is celebrating its 25th anniversary; LOTUS has introduced Bhutanese red rice to international markets as one of the earliest products.

With the passage of time, the brand has evolved very much and introduced a wide range of products in the market and paved its mark. The products they launched have won the hearts of millions across the globe.

Rice and noodles are their primary focus in the Asian communities around the world, especially since this brand is very famous in general. Even the other communities now like this brand due to its quality products.

lotus foods rice cooker review


With a vast experience in rice selling and rice-based products such as noodles and rice

The brand entered into the market of rice cookers with a particular model of the rice cooker (Model:708953201009). This Lotus foods rice cooker has 1-year warranty.

Lotus foods stainless steel rice cooker and steamer is a perfect example of the vision of LOTUS FOODS, to promote organic and healthy eating the same goes for the cooking methods for the food.



Lotus Foods

Model Number



11 x 10.6 x 10.5 inches




6 Cup (Uncooked) 12 Cups (Cooked)


5.6 pounds


Rice Paddle,
Measuring Cup

LOTUS FOODS Rice Cooker Design:

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Lotus Foods rice cooker has a traditional design with a simple white outer body. You will feel a retro vibe of the 90s when you look at this rice machine. The outer body is plastic made, which remains cool during the cooking process.

Lotus Foods rice cooker has a moderate footprint and weight of 5.6 pounds, so you can easily change its place as per your comfort. It has two handles of plastic for easy grip, which remains cool.

The glass lid on top will allow you to monitor your food while cooking so you can turn it off when the food is cooked up to your desire.

LOTUS FOODS Rice Cooker Features:

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Intro  |  Design  |  Features  |  Accessories  |  Video  |  Our Score

As mentioned earlier, Lotus Foods Stainless Steel Rice Cooker is designed as per the promise of the LOTUS foods of healthy eating and cooking. 

Organic foods are needed to maintain health and this rice cooker knows how to treat the food for your family’s well being.


Key Features of Lotus Foods Rice Cooker are as follow

Stainless Steel Pot:

It is a fact that health experts encourage avoiding the creepy metals in the cookware that, when in contact with the heated food, can excrete the toxins into the food and creating a threat to user health.

Stainless steel is the solution for this threat which is recommended by doctors and nutritionists. It is only metal with inert properties for cooking items. 

That means it never reacts with the food that is being cooked on it. It preserves the taste of food and aroma of it for the perfect serving.

This material will not contaminate acidic foods and sauces, and this metal will not be tarnished or rusted. It is totally recyclable and super durable.

Rice or any food will not stain or stick to it, and if a little rice sticks to it, you can easily rinse and clean the inner pot with water and detergent. 

The inner pot is entirely detachable for washing so that you can use it for the next cooking.

One Touch Cooking:

Lotus Foods rice cooker is pretty simple to use as it has only a single button outside with an indicator light that tells the cooking is taking place. 

You just put the ingredients and click the button, and the food will be prepared in a few minutes, although the brown rice takes a little more time to be tender and fluffy due to the thick outer layer.

This single touch cooking will prevent the users from any complex usage, and they just need to take care of the time of cooking for the respective food item.

lotus foods rice cooker features

Steaming Basket:

The steaming of the food is heavily encouraged by the health experts as this method helps to retain the healthy nutrients in the food without decreasing their value.

As in this method, boiling water doesn’t come in direct contact with the veggies or meat, so they remain healthy to use and hard textured for better taste.

Boiling of food items may end up in mushy or deformed texture of the food, which also affects their taste, so the steaming method’s boiling of food items is replaced.

Lotus Foods rice cooker is provided with a solid steaming basket of stainless steel make, this is easily fixed above the cooking pot, and the pores in this basket allow the steam to pass through it and treat the food items in it.

This results in delicious foods that are steam cooked for you to keep your family healthy and active. You can easily cook the rice and steam the veggies or meat at the same time to save time and energy.

If you like only steamed food, you can cook it solo too by just placing the proper amount of water in the cooking pot and placing the items in the steam basket. 


Big Capacity:

Lotus Foods Gourmet Stainless Steel Rice Cooker can cook up to 6 cups of uncooked rice, which turned to 12 cups roughly after cooking. This makes it an excellent choice for a big family which consumes more rice. 

Please consult the rice cooker guidebook to know the proper ratio of rice and water and other cooking settings before using it, so you can avoid any problem and enjoy the best of it.


Multiple Foods:

If you think Lotus Foods rice cooker can make only rice, think again; this is more than a rice cooker. It’s a grain machine that can cook almost every grain, e.g., brown rice, quinoa, lentils, porridge, steel-cut oats, barley, etc.

You can even bake the cake in it with proper learning. Lotus Foods rice cooker is awesome for soups, pasta, noodles and other one-pot dishes. 

These multiple food cooking features make it the best choice for food lovers that also desire to consume healthy homemade foods. 

Lotus Foods Rice Cooker Accessories:

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Lotus foods rice cooker comes with a rice cup to measure the rice for cooking and a rice paddle to move and take the rice outside of the pot.

Lotus Foods Rice Cooker Videos:

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Total Score

Lotus Foods Stainless Steel 12 Cups Rice Cooker

If you love the rice and have a big family, you can give it a try if you like traditional homemade meals in healthy material ( stainless steel ). If you like single-touch cooking, this device is perhaps for you. 



Our Rating

The user data claims this device is satisfactory. We recommend you to further check clients reviews about Lotus Foods Stainless Steel 12 Cups Rice Cooker on Amazon to decide whether it worth your money or not.

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