What is Jambalaya? Can You Use Jasmine Rice For Jambalaya?

In this post, we will discuss the different aspects of the Jambalaya and the connection of rice to this dish. You will find a lot of great info related to this topic, so keep reading!

What Is Jambalaya?

Jambalaya is a dish that is a cocktail of different cultural influences that forged an extraordinary cuisine in mainland America and its neighboring lands.

Mainly originated in Louisiana, America, this veggie and rice dish has French, Spanish, and even West African influence.

The Provence region is located between Spain and France. Historically, this dish got the primary influence from the cooking style brought by the people of that region when they came to the United States.

Trans-Atlantic immigration brings African people to America and their cooking traditions.

What is jambalaya

What Rice Is Best For Jambalaya?

Basmati and Jasmine rice or any long grain rice is good for jambalaya

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How Is Jambalaya Made?

Jabmalaya mainly consists of chicken, beef, or fish with shredded vegetables and rice. Broth usage with aromatic spices is the thing that makes it worth it.

There are several variants of this dish in the American region, depending on ingredients and some cultural variables.

Primarily sausages are used to make it; otherwise, chopped meat with veggies and sauces are also part of Jambalaya in many other areas.

These ingredients are fried in the oil until they form the golden brown texture, and then rice with broth is added in an equal amount and let the mixture simmer for a few minutes.

Mostly Jambalaya is considered a rice-centric dish with the rice factor a dominant portion of the delicacy and flavor spectrum.

Can You Use Jasmine Rice For Jambalaya?

Jasmine rice is long grain aromatic rice that originated from Thailand and is used in any East Asian dishes. You can read more about Jasmine rice.

As per the question is concerned, it’s a huge YES. We can use the jasmine rice to prepare the Jambalaya, and it will make the best meal without any doubt.

You can either use the white Jasmine rice or the brown variant of jasmine rice in the making of Jambalaya, depending upon your craving.

Can You Use Jasmine Rice For Jambalaya?

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Can You Cook Jambalaya In A Rice Cooker?

We can make Jambalaya in a rice cooker too. Usually, it’s made on the stove top! We can always experiment the new ways to make the best meals.

But for taste retention, we will also use a stove cooking portion of the other ingredients.

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How To Cook Jambalaya In A Rice Cooker?

You can use any variant of the long grain rice for cooking jambalaya.


  • 1 cup rice
  • 1 cup of chicken broth
  • Sliced meat (fish or chicken)
  • Onions
  • Cabbage
  • Tomatoes
  • Chilies
  • Spices
  • Oil


  1. First of all, take the shredded meat with chopped onions, cabbage, and tomatoes and medium fry in the oil on the stove top in a pan.
  2. When they turn golden brown add the spices according to your choice and add chopped chilies and any sauces of your likeness.
  3. Slow cooking them all for 5 to 10 minutes will be ok. On the other hand, soak the Jasmine rice for about 30 minutes, rinse them, add the broth in rice, and put the mixture in the rice cooker.
  4. Now take the veggies with meat and put them in the rice cooker pot with broth and rice (in equal ratio).
  5. Simmer the whole thing in the rice cooker for about 15 minutes and check the texture. If the rice becomes edible, it signals that your Jasmine rice Jambalaya meal is ready to serve.
  6. Take this out of the cooker and enjoy this perfect dish with your loved ones.
  7. Please note that mostly Jambalaya is somewhat dry and not soupy because rice, veggies, and meat soak the broth and enhance the taste.

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Reading up to this point now, you have seen how the Jambalaya is a culturally rich and diverse dish with an exquisite taste, and it’s a historical cocktail of different nations mingling with each other in a foodie way. Moreover, you have learned that we can also use Jasmine rice to make Jambalaya, which will remain super yummy and aromatic. So make your own Jambalaya and try it ASAP. Cheers!

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