Best Sistema Rice Cooker Review

Best Sistema Rice Cooker

You are a rice lover and want to enjoy a quick rice meal, so you are in a deep search for the best option. Congrats, you reach the right place!  

Rice is famous all around the globe, and it’s the 3rd largest food item besides wheat and corn to be consumed for meals. Its versatile and delicious flavor makes it the perfect choice to be consumed along with different veggies and meat with spices and sauces.

Sistema: The Brand Is On A Mission

Sistema is a Brand based in Newzealand that makes food-grade plastic products for millions of its proud customers worldwide.

Bottles, lunch boxes, and microwave-friendly items are its signature products.


Sistema mission is to make reusable plastic products for easy and durable usage. That makes the life of people a little easier. 


The story of Sistema is about 40 years old, and it’s adapting continuously with the changing times to provide the best of products to the client base.


In this post, we will provide an unbiased review of the best Sistema rice cooker, which is perfect for microwaving and offers several options in the cooking domain.   

Best Sistema Rice Cooker Review

Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker

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If you are a student living in a dorm or an office-going professional living in a hostel, Sistema Microwave rice cooker can be a perfect product for you if you like a quick rice breakfast or dinner.


Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker Design:

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Sistema rice cooker is red In color with a transparent lid and a steam vent. The lid has clip options to close it tightly, and a pressure-maintaining internal lid is also there.

The lid beneath the outer lid maintains the steam pressure on the rice meal in the microwave.

The pressure chamber plate ensures that the moisture level and the texture of rice remain balanced and at good levels; otherwise, the rice can be mushy and non-tasty.

Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker design is perfect for storing the rice portion in the microwave and the fridge for the next meal time. 

Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker Features:​

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Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker Easy-to-lift tabs on the upper lid make it super easy to move the whole cooker from one place to the other.


The food-grade BPA-free plastic body is safe from toxins, and you can easily use this Sistema rice cooker without any health hazards.


It’s dishwasher safe, and the steam pot is available to steam cook the vegetables and meat  with the cooking rice. You can also cook an egg in it by using a little oil and spices with it and also can boil the eggs.

A Rice spatula can be used to stir the food ingredients inside the rice cooker. Poached eggs are the best form of cooked egg this rice cooker can make for you. You will further improve your cooking with more practice.


Steaming Option In Sistema Rice Cooker:

You will also get the food steamer with this rice cooker, whose capacity is 525ml. Steamed food is considered the healthiest form of cooked food as the nutrients in the food are not harmed by the direct heat, and the hot steam makes the food baked and ready to eat with pure organic ingredients in it. 

So eating a steamed meal in your daily life is also very beneficial for your health. Put the food in the steamer and simply follow the instruction manual for the best results, and you will be trained in a few attempts to prepare a perfect and irresistible quick steamed meal.  

Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker Accessories:

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This Sistema rice cooker is packed with a spatula, an additional product manual, and a pressure chamber lid. All of these are totally washable and food-grade materials. 

Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker Videos:

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Total Score

Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker

Sistema Rice Cooker has some nice features in it as discussed above. It is a perfect choice for sized family and it is made from BPA free plastic. We recommend you to give it a try and read more about it before any purchase.



Our Rating

How To Cook Rice In Sistema Rice Cooker?

  • Take a cup of rice and pour in water for 10 minutes to remove extra starch, and then rinse it until the water becomes clear now. Take 2 cups of water in the rice cooker and put the rice in the water.
  • Remember (1 cup rice = 2 cups water) and place it in the microwave with a bit of salt and 1 Tbs of oil or butter in the cooker with the lid and pressure chamber plate on it.    
  • Place it in the microwave, and it will be ready in 10 to 15 minutes, depending upon the rice type.
  • You can also cook the brown rice, but it takes more time to be fluffy and chewy.
  • Add some spices or boiled veggies or meat to the rice to make a spicy rice meal for dinner with your family. 


How To Cook Rice In Sistema Rice Cooker?

This Sistema rice cooker is packed with a spatula, an additional product manual, and a pressure chamber lid. All of these are totally washable and food-grade materials. 

Is Sistema Rice Cooker BPA Free?

Yes, The Sistema rice cooker is phthalate, totally BPA free, and consists of harmless materials. You can use it without any worries.


Reading up to this point, we hope that you now have its details on the list, and you can decide whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

It’s a low price device that comes with moderate options, and you can always give it a try  in a few bucks. 

So enjoy the tasty meals with your family.


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