Is Jasmine Rice Good For Diabetes?

Is Jasmine Rice Good For Diabetics? What are its benefits?

Hi, in this piece of writing, we will discuss the importance of Jasmine rice and the effects of its use in diabetes.

What Is Jasmine Rice?

Thailand is famous for its unique landscape and foods. The rice is a staple food here, and there is a special type of rice called Jasmine rice. These are long grain rice and have a very nice aroma.

There are several variants of jasmine rice, including purple and red jasmine rice, etc. These are closer to the white rice in the nutritional index.

Luckily these are not harmful when it comes to maintaining blood sugar levels. And it’s super beneficial in terms of essential nutrients a human body required to grow strong and healthy.

jasmine rice

Healthy Benefits of Jasmine:


Jasmine rice is rich in vitamins and other minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B1, B6, etc. these are essential to absorb the energy in the body effectively and other vital functions of the body to be smoothly done.

Fiber Bundle:

Fiber is the critical element that is mainly supplied by the agri-foods, and it’s crucial in regulating the blood sugar to control its level. It also helps to manage the cholesterol level in the blood, making the blood healthy and safe from excessive sugar, which is harmful to diabetic persons.

Metabolic Safety:

Vitamin B is also the main component in jasmine rice; it helps repair the damaged body cells and improve digestion (metabolic cycle), so a person feels energetic when their body absorbs the energy.

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What Is Called 'Diabetes'?

A medical condition in which the glucose, or in simple words, the blood sugar level rises to more than normal levels, is known as diabetes.

Sugar provides the required energy to the body cells and circulates in the body via the blood supply. To regulate the blood sugar consumption by the cells, the pancreatic chemical insulin plays an important role.

If the imbalance is created in insulin production, then the cells can’t handle the energy limits, and thirst and hunger are the symptoms that begin to happen once they occur.

So in order to make the harmony in the health and food, the diabetic persons are advised to take a special diet which doesn’t have any high salts or sugar in it and some other factors e.g. less oily and less spicy food in order to save their health and to prevent the sugar surge in blood.

What is Diabetes

What To Eat In Diabetes?

As mentioned above, the nutritionists advise consuming low carbohydrates and low-fat food, and a certain level of proteins should be taken after consulting the doctor.

When it comes to rice, these are the starchy grains that serve as a staple food in many eastern countries and are now very popular in the West.

Glycemic Index or GI is high for the rice and generally considered as forbidden for diabetic persons. This index is a measure of the impact of food on your blood sugar.

Different types of rice have different GI indexes, so after extensive research, the nutritionists have found that Jasmine rice has the most suitable index for diabetic persons, and it’s quite safe to use.

The key point in the scenario is to adjust the meal plan and concise the meal portions for the person to help control the sugar levels and allows the person to enjoy the flavors.

If a person has this condition and loves to enjoy the rice meal, this post is the pearl for them. We will see different benefits of using Jasmine rice for diabetic persons.

What To Eat In Diabetes

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Jasmine Rice And Diabetics:

Generally, foods with a GI index below 70% are considered safe for persons with diabetes, and the body will then absorb less glucose/sugars from that food, which is safe for diabetic persons.

Jasmine rice has a GI index between 66-78 usually. It’s on the borderline of safety, but here comes a trick, primarily the people consume rice with the combinations of the food items, e.g., vegetables and meat, so the overall GI index of jasmine rice meal will be reduced due to the addition of other elements.

This means that if a person is diabetic and loves to enjoy the rice meal, it is possible for that person to enjoy the jasmine rice in addition to other food items in the rice. Hence, the absorption/ digestion rate of the sugar in the blood remains less, and it won’t spike out.

Is Jasmine rice good for diabetics

Some Other Options Of Rice In Diabetes:

Luckily, only the GI index is not adequate to determine the food for diabetic persons as the combination of other food items dilutes the hazardous effects. We have some other suggestions regarding the rice for any diabetic person who wants to enjoy the rice meal.

Wild Rice:

Wild rice is unique and has a solid texture and neutral and creamy taste; it is safe to use in small quantities and is recommended with other foods like veggies and meat.

Wild rice will also cater to the desire for rice meals and is safe for a medical conditions.

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Black Rice:

Black rice is also safe to use and is a good choice for its yummy taste and nutty texture; it should also be used in a mixed form as a safe meal for people with diabetes.

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Mixed Basmati:

You can also prepare a mixed basmati rice meal with waxy rice, so the total GI index reduces and comes in the safe zone. This option is perfect for spicy food lovers, and you can add a little spice to elevate the taste.

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How To Cook Jasmine Rice In Rice Cooker?

Rice cookers are the best option to prepare the Jasmine rice as they are more advanced now and know when the cooking is done.

Take 1 cup of Jasmine rice, soak them for 2 hours, rinse them, and pour out the starchy water.

Then place the rice in the cooker, add 2 cups of water, and add some of the veggies in it with a bit of oil or butter, so the rice does not stick at the bottom of the pot, and cover the lid.

Now you press the cooking button, and the rice will be ready in 20 to 30 minutes in general. Remove the lid and enjoy the vegetable Jasmine rice that is safe and tasty.

You can always try new dishes made from jasmine rice to explore them more.

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By reading through this writing, you now have a clear idea that a diabetic person can also enjoy the rice meal, but the meal portion is the thing you need to control in order to stay safe and healthy.

Keep tracking your sugar level when the meal is over; by doing this, you will better know how your body reacts after consuming different types of foods.

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