Which One Is Good For You? Parboiled Rice Vs Instant Rice

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In this post, we are discussing the two types of rice that are sometimes confused with each other because of the processes they have to go through and some other similarities.

Parboiled rice vs Instant rice

What Is Parboiled Rice?

First of all, we need to understand the basic structure of rice grains. The rice grain consists of bran, germ, and endosperm.

When the milling process is done, it removes the bran from the rice grain, and some other husk is also removed.

This converted rice is known as parboiled rice. There are some special processes through which the simple whole grain rice is passed.

The Asians originally used the method in order to reduce the issues related to the white rice grains that are separated from the rice with the bran on grains.

This method also keeps the rice’s nutritional benefits intact, which is later useful for the consumers.

How To Make Parboiled Rice?

Now the interesting part came, the rice grains are partially cooked under high pressure. In this way, some of the nutritional components from the bran come to rice kernels under moisture, and then it is dried and cooled instantly to increase its shelf life.  The husk is then removed, polishing is done, and rice is packed.

How To Cook Parboiled Rice?

Even though Parboiled rice is partially cooked, it can take about 20 to 22 minutes. This rice is best cooked on the simmer mode of cooking and surpasses the cooking time of simple white rice, but when it comes to brow rice, surely brown rice will still take more time than parboiled rice.

  • Take a cup of parboiled rice and simply add in rice cooker with 2 cups of water and then choose the simmer option.
  • You can add veggies or boiled meat, and it will take about 20 minutes until the rice absorbs the water and is ready to serve with the sauces.
  • Please note that choose the water level according to your choice; if you want to avoid mushiness in rice, we recommend taking 1.5 cups of water for 1 cup of rice.

After cooking, this rice will not stick to each other, and each grain will be separately placed. This looks nice and keeps the texture very desirable even if used with veggies and meat.

You can try these parboiled rice brands because of the high quality they offer.

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What Is Instant Rice?

The instant rice is pre-cooked rice that can be ready to cook in just a few minutes, roughly 2 to 8 minutes.

There are a few variants of instant rice, some of them are microwave-ready, and some need a little boiling water on the stove or in a rice cooker.

The purpose is simply to facilitate consumers who want simple cooking and not any challenging methods. So the simple cooking of instant rice makes it the best fit for rice lovers who don’t want to bother in the kitchen for long periods.

How To Make Instant Rice?

Instant Rice are made with a simple process in which rice is dipped in boiling water and removed after calculated sort intervals ad ten suddenly ice-cooled and placed in ovens for heating. This dehydration makes the rice dry, stiff, and moisture reduced to about 10%.

The process mentioned above creates small cracks ad pores in the rice grains, which absorb water rapidly when rice is placed in hot water and makes it easily cooked.

How To Cook Instant Rice?

It’s a lot easier to cook instant rice; take a pan or rice cooker to place a little water up to the half cup. Please note that there are many instant rice variants by different brands that require different water ratios and times of cooking, so please read the directions too.

Now boil the water for a little and quickly add instant rice in the boiling water. Fluff the rice with the rice paddle; in 3 to 5 minutes, the rice will be read then you can enjoy it by yourself.

Practice is a thing that will help you in improving the technique in this instant rice cooking a lot.

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Parboiled Rice Vs Instant Rice: Nutritional Comparison.

What Are The Benefits Of Parboiled Rice?

Parboiled rice is rich in nutrients due to the series of processes they go through. The vitamins and other essential ingredients that are concentrated in the husk are added to the rice kernels when treated under pressure.

Experts have noticed a rise in nutritional value in parboiled rice as compared to ordinary white rice that is simply cooked.

These contain useful metals, i.e., iron, magnesium, calcium, etc. Carbs and proteins are also in sizeable amounts, and vitamins improve your metabolism.

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What Are The Benefits Of Instant Rice?

On the other hand, Instant rice has fewer nutritional elements compared to its counterparts. The reason is that the cooking and then dehydration results in a loss of valuable ingredients in instant rice.

When it is cooked, it takes significantly less time, which also shows the nature of this rice. It is mainly designed to remove the hunger of users, and the overall health benefits of instant rice are relatively fewer.   

Many brands add additional ingredients to balance the nutritional value of instant rice, but as evidence that natural thing is the best option compared to synthesize.

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Cooking Time: Parboiled Rice Vs Instant Rice:

Parboiled rice took more time in cooking, about more than 20 minutes, while the instant rice takes way lesser time ranging from 2 to 7 or max 8 minutes depending upon the method the rice has been passed.

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Well, reading to this depth, you have now seen the basic differences of instant rice vs parboiled rice. I hope many of your misconceptions are now gone, and you have a clearer picture of this matter.

We encourage you to try both of this rice, and this will not only give you the taste but also an excellent cooking experience as well.