How To Cook Parboiled Rice In A Rice Cooker?

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How To Cook Parboiled Rice In A Rice Cooker?

Parboiled rice is made by soaking, partial boiling, drying, and then packing for sale. This rice was first prepared by this method In Asia, and it assures the quick time of cooking for this rice.

This is also known as easy cook rice or converted rice. Parboiled rice is rich in healthy nutrients and relatively less sticky.

Parboiled rice is made via various methods with a slight difference. First of all, the rice is soaked in water, and then it is steamed for a sort or medium period and then dried ( slow drying or vacuum drying, etc.).

The parboiled rice came out as the more challenging version and hard to break during the further processes.

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How to cook parboiled rice in a rice cooker

Is Parboiled Rice Healthy? Parboiled Rice Nutritional Benefits:

During the milling process, the nutrients come closer to the outer boundary of the rice grains when the rice is placed in a vacuum or under high pressure.

In this way, the parboiled rice contains most of the nutrients after milling.

  • Carbs are the main part of parboiled rice and can provide your daily routine energy.
  • Vitamin B complex and vitamin K are present in traces that help the metabolism to work smoothly.
  • Essential metals like iron, zinc, magnesium, and sodium are also present in this rice.
  • Traces of fat and proteins are also in it alongside the fiber content. 

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How To Cook Parboiled Rice In A Rice Cooker?

Parboiled rice is partially cooked rice, so it takes under 20 minutes to cook; some variants of this might take 30 minutes depending upon the atmosphere and moisture levels.

  • Soak the rice in water for about 25 minutes to have the best texture after cooking.
  • Take a cup of rice and 2 cups of water into the rice cooker, add a little butter or oil it and cover the lid. Now press the cooking button.
  • The rice will be ready in a few minutes; it better to simmer the parboiled rice for 5 minutes to attain optimum moisture level.
  • Now take them out of the cooker and eat them with sauce or veggies.

You can experiment with different ingredients so you can explore more flavors. 

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How To Cook Parboiled Rice On Stove?

Cooking the parboiled rice on the stove is pretty simple, take a pan and add 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice cooking.

  • Soak the rice for 1 or before cooking and rinse the water for the rice, reducing the cooking time.
  • You can keep the water level nearly 1 inch above the rice in the pan.
  • Now cook it on the medium flame for about 15 minutes when the water starts to boil and evaporate.

Fluff the rice with a rice paddle to maintain an even texture of the meal. Simmer the rice for 2 to 3 minutes, and the meal is ready to serve.  

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Is There Only White Parboiled Rice?

This answer is a little interesting, and white rice can be converted into parboiled form, same as the brown rice that is passed through the same process, so brown parboiled rice is not only possible to make but also available in many super marts.

It’s a lot healthier than the white parboiled rice but takes about 45 minutes to be cooked in the rice cooker and even more time on a stove simmering.

Is Parboiled Rice The Same As Steamed Rice?

Not actually because of the number of steps involved in making both of these types. Parboiled rice goes through soaking, then pressurized steaming, and then drying at an optimal temperature, while the steamed rice is quite simple to avoid these extra steps. Cooking times for both of these rice also vary from each other.


Reaching this point, you have now witnessed some interesting things about the parboiled rice and it’s cooking in the rice cooker and on the stove. 

The nutritional side of parboiled is also discussed, making it closer to brown rice level. Parboiled rice is a unique one with its own fan club. We encourage you to explore more about it, search for the best one for your table, and then experiment with making dishes of different cultures with parboiled rice.