Idli Rice Vs Parboiled Rice,Which One Is Good For You & Why?

Which one is good for you between Idli rice vs parboiled rice?

What is their difference and why? Check out this blog post to learn more about Idli and Parboiled.

In this piece of writing, we are discussing the two rice types both famous for their own reasons, Idli rice vs parboiled rice. There are several features of both the rice which will be discussed further in the article.

Idli Rice Vs Parboiled Rice

What Is Idli Rice?

Having roots in the Indian subcontinent, especially in south Indian culture, Idli rice is very popular among the people.

Actually, Idli is the name of a cake made from special rice, sometimes referred as Idli too. Mostly Idli cake is made from local rice flour. But it can be made from any rice flour, so ironically, that type will become ‘idli’ in this case as per the theory. 

Batter is loosely translated into Idli in local south Indian languages, so here come the names for the rice cakes that are composed of rice batter.

So yes, Idli is a rice cake made from idli rice and can also be made from any medium grain rice flour if local idli rice is not available. Now I hope you can understand it pretty well!



It’s a favorite food among the south Indian (Tamil) diaspora across the globe. 

Black lentils are usually mixed with the white idli rice, and then the cake is made from its mixture.

Idli Rice

Idli Layout:

You can use different types of rice to make idli cake depending upon the availability of rice. These rice cakes are delicious and have a pleasant aroma.

The idli batter is composed of idli rice and black lentils, usually fermented. It is a fact the fermentation helps the food to digest faster because it breaks the complex molecules of the carbohydrates into simple and mini parts. So it is easy for the metabolic system to absorb them. 

Idli rice has many variants across the Indian subcontinent basing upon the types of rice used and the other lentils combined with rice and might call different names in the local languages.

Nutritional Benefits of Idli Rice:

As the Idli is made from special rice and black lentils are the second main component of it, this is loaded with calories. Due to the low value of salty chemicals such as potassium and sodium, it’s suitable for a high blood pressure person.

If this is made from brown rice, it will contain more fats and proteins than usual and, of course, will add energy into your body with fiber that repairs muscles and bones. 

Some Of The Best Idli Rice Brands:

What Is Parboiled Rice:

The name comes from the parboiling process of the rice, and the rice husk is still on the grains during the boiling process.

The aged grain rice is best as the parboiled rice as they have a better texture and nutritional index than the typical white rice.

Maybe you think that the parboiled rice is precooked, but that’s not the case; in fact, these rice are used and eaten after the same process of cooking any white or brown rice gone through.

As these are passed through some special processing, they are more health oriented as compared to normal white rice. They possess calcium, fibers, and proteins with a good amount of vitamins that are vital for metabolism and bones.

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Parboiled Rice

How To Make Parboiled Rice?

The rice went through a detailed process; after that, they become fresher, healthier, and textured. Converted rice is another name for parboiled rice.

The process is a series of mini-steps starting from soaking the rice into a suitable amount of water.

Steaming the rice after that process and then make them dry at a moderate temperature which doesn’t make them mushy or broken.

During all these steps applying to the rice, the husk is still there on the rice grains, and it adds to the goodness into the rice for sure. 

It is observed that the rice going through parboiling becomes closer to the brown rice in a healthy manner (about75%), but this is not the final study regarding the parboiled rice.

The cooking is just like the normal white rice and time is approximately same as them too (about 25 min.)

The bran is removed after the parboiling process so then the rice is ready to cook. Removing the bran is the key to open the door of nutritional elements.

Nutritional Benefits Of Parboiled Rice :

There are a plethora of energy-rich ingredients in parboiled rice. These are processed and fried rice; they have carbs as their principal component, which is good for the muscles and tissues.

If you want to keep focused, you need an excellent nervous system that makes the excellent transmission of a signal from the brain.

 In addition, you need a stubborn immune system to fight with different diseases and bacteria, Vitamin B6 is an essential component for both of these purposes, and this exists in a good amount in the parboiled rice.

Essential metals like iron, potassium, and zinc make about 3 % of the size of 1 cup of parboiled rice. These metals are vital for different functions performed in the human body, like the development of cells, smooth transmission of electrical signals in the spinal cord.

A diabetic person has the benefit of consuming this rice as it can lower blood sugar and not has any harmful effects on the health.

Some Of The Best Parboiled Rice Brands:

Some Final Words About Rice Idli Rice vs Parboiled Rice:

As the discussion is unfolded, we learn about both of these rice and their benefits in detail.  

Each of them has a unique position in the rice lovers with their perks. 

So to settle the Idle rice vs Parboiled yummy battle in a mettle way, there is a win-win situation, in my opinion. The good part is, these two are strongly connected. 

We can make the parboiled rice by using the standard idli rice available in the market, and idli cake can also be made from the parboiled rice batter.

So they are interconnected to the true sense of the word, and I suggest you to try both of them in order to enlighten your taste buds.

I sometimes wonder about the simple grains of rice and their different uses in different types of dishes across the different cultures. I think it connects us as a human that we are using the same resources of the planet in different ways. 

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