How To Cook Lentils In A Rice Cooker? Energetic Discussion

This post will discuss amazing facts about lentils and the unique methods to make lentils in the rice cookers, so your taste buds get the perfect taste.

How to cook lentils in a rice cooker

An introduction of Lentils:

The lentils are one of the most ancient types of legumes that human beings are harvesting for their dietary needs.

Humans from 7000 BC have domesticated the lentils. The Levant, and from there, it goes to northern Africa, Europe and Indus valley. 

There are a lot of edible legumes we use in routine examples: beans, peas, and other such types of plants.

What Are The Benefits Of Lentils?

Lentils can be grown in a relatively challenging environment and raised with a minimal water supply. More exposure to water can damage the crop.

Deep sandy lands or plateaus are the ideal places to grow these legumes. Lentils can add fertility to the soil while adding nitrogen as a byproduct.

The lentils are very energy-rich and have incredible components to improve your health.


Proteins are the most prominent thing in lentils; actually, it roughly equals the proteins in the 

meat. The fat content is shallow, so these are helpful in your weight loss journey.

The protein backup of lentils will provide the energy you need for your daily tasks, and you will not be overweight after entering it into your weekly food calendar.


The fibre is also in a considerable amount in the lentils. Fibre is very useful in the growth and strength of bones and is also required to improve your hair growth.

Fibre also makes you feel fulfilled after the meal, so you eat in a controlled order, not the other way.

Other Essentials:

Lentils also contain a beneficial line of elements such as magnesium, zinc, copper etc. Vitamin B is present in the sizeable ratio, which improves many body functions.

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Are Lentils Good For Diabetes ?

As the lentils have less starch and gluten free so these are also considered suitable for people with diabetes.

Rice which are good for diabetes?

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Can You Cook Lentils In A Rice Cooker?

Absolutely yes, with the recent development in technology, it’s now possible to make lentils in the rice cooker.

Rice cookers have been so advanced that many other cooking functions are included in it besides rice making.

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How To Cook Lentils In A Rice Cooker?

Today we will make yummy green lentils in a rice cooker.


  • 1 cup of green lentils
  • 1.5 cup of water
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Spices
  • Salt
  • Oil


  1. First, soak the lentils in water for about 2 to 3 hours and then rinse them.

  2. Take the lentils and add them to the cooking pot of the cooker with water (measured); now add chopped onions, tomatoes and oil.

  3. Cover the lid and press the cooking button; some cookers have a lentils option on the control panel; if you have one so, it’s super easy; otherwise, choose the brown rice option or simple rice cooking button.

  4. You just need to cook the lentils for 30 minutes and check the texture; if it’s cooked, then fine otherwise, cook for 10 minutes more and then collect the yummy green lentils from the pot.

  5. You can add different sauces depending upon your choice, and peeper will increase its taste.

  6. Please note that you can also use chicken or beef broth as a liquid instead of water to cook lentils; this will make you love it more.

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Are Lentils Allowed On Keto Diet?

Well, it is on the boundary line as its high protein content, less fat, sizeable fibre portion, and carbs make it slightly out of the Keto league. 

But for, the persons who love to do cardio and cross fit and don’t strictly follow the Keto mantra can consume lentils once in a while to gain proteins and soothe the taste buds.

Types of Lentils:

There are several types of lentils; they usually are of different colours with a medium variety in flavours.

Green Lentils:

These are the perfect choice for salads because of the chewy texture, iron is the critical component in these, and these lentils are very popular in France.

Black/Beluga Lentils:

These are of a lenticular shape and are widely used in salads, soups, etc. The taste is creamy and sour, which entertain the taste buds very well.

Red Lentils:

Mainly these have 2 subvariants, one is whole red-coloured, and the other one is slightly yellow in the shade.

Red lentils are mainly famous in South Asia, especially cooked and served with bread and rice.

These are highly filled with proteins and recharge your body.


Now you know that we can make lentils in a rice cooker, we encourage you to do more research about the lentils and their cooking methods to find your perfect lentil dish. Cheers!


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