Oster Rice Cooker Instructions

Oster Rice Cooker Instructions Preface:

It is now a fact that almost all rice cookers are a vital part of the modern-day kitchen. A large portion of the world population consumes rice as their staple food after corn and wheat.

In recent years, with the dramatic innovations in technology, the cookware industry has also progressed by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, rice cookers are more than just rice machines.

Rice cookers can now do various functions such as steaming, reheating, dessert making, and other one-pot dish cooking.

Oster Rice Cooker Instructions:

We are now heading towards some helpful instructions regarding the Oster rice cooker, which will help you to understand it better and use it with full confidence.

Here are some essential points you need to consider for the best usage of the OSTER Rice Cooker.

First of all, you need to look closely at the ratio between water and rice. If you master this skill of ratio comparison, trust me, you will be the best Chef in the family and friends.

Soaking the rice in water before cooking them and keeping it there for about 1 hour is also very important for the best texture and taste.

Depending upon the model of the rice cooker, you can select the cooking mode clearly from the control panel.

Oster Rice Cooker Instructions

How To Use Steaming Feature in Oster Rice Cookers?

It is terrific to know that the streaming option is available in several models of Oster rice cookers. In order to do it properly, you need to take care of some points.

  • Properly fix the steaming pot/basket depending on the model, on the place of the rim of the cooking pot.
  • Use chopped veggies and meat slices to steam cook in the basket fixed above the cooking pot as slicing and chopping increase the surface area of the food for ample space for steam to act on.
  • Please consult the food chart for the steaming time range of different vegetables and cover the lid.
  • Just switch on the rice cooker with the rice cooking under the steam basket, and you will have both foods cooked after the given time simultaneously.
  • Mostly the rice is cooked after the steaming of veggies, so you collect the steamed food first (usually 12 minutes before rice)
  • Take also care of the different times of cooking for different rice types. This will help you to operate the rice cooker with far more clarity, and your food will be good in flavor and nice in texture.
  • After the cooking of both foods is done, please switch off the machine and pull out its power cable from the socket.

Average Steaming Time For Different Foods




8 - 10 MIN


3 - 4 MIN


8 - 10 MIN


11 - 13 MIN


11 - 13 MIN


6 - 8 MIN


14 - 16 MIN


8 - 10 MIN


11 - 13 MIN


8 - 12 MIN


6 - 11 MIN


3 - 4 MIN


4 - 6 MIN


13 - 16 MIN


10 - 12 MIN

How To Cook Rice/Food Safely In Oster Rice Cooker?

If you soak the rice in water before cooking and rinse them and pour out the starchy water from the rice, it will be better for the texture and the taste of rice.

Please always do read the instructions on the rice package as sometimes the chemically enhanced rice are advised not to rinse before cooking as this might lessen their healthy nutrients.

Please make sure to wash the cooking pot, steaming tray/basket, and inner lid after the cooking is done.

As this washing will remove any remaining traces of the food which might turn into toxic materials. Just try to make use dishwasher for proper cleansing.

Washing the rice before cooking also helps to remove any unpleasant odor in them.

Always switch off the rice cooker after the cooking is done. And always make sure to not to leave the rice spatula/paddle made of plastic inside the hot or steaming Oster rice cooker as this might be a reason for the toxic material secretion due to the presence of plastic.

Don’t over boil the water in the inner pot and leave it just as it is because this might damage the inner pot nonstick coating.

How To Used Oster Rice Cooker? Safety Instructions:

First of all, read the user guide book provided by the Oster rice cooker.

Please take into account the voltage requirement and wattage of the rice machine to avoid any hazards.

Don’t leave the rice machine out of your sight for too long when it is operational and cooking the food because sometimes it needs manual handling (depending on the situation).

As the rice cooking involves a lot of steam, make sure to use the rice cooker with a covering lid in place to preserve the steam and heat for cooking the tender meal.

If the rice cooker faces any issue internally or externally during the working, please immediately switch off the device by plugging out the power cable.

Use this only for the rice and other one-pot dishes, not for too complex dishes that may harm or impact the device in a bad way.

Release the steam properly after the food is cooked to avoid any burning of the hand or skin and always let the cooker cool down before touching it.

The Rice measuring cup given within the pack will help you to scale the rice before cooking; please use it to know the rice volume. Also, know the correct water–rice ratio for best results.

For example, if you want to cook 1 cup of rice, use about 2 cups of water or a little than that; this will add the perfect texture.


Please take into account that capacity is a fundamental property to watch before buying a rice cooker.

Rice cookers usually have capacities of 3,5,6,8 and 12 cups, which means they can cook rice to these levels and note that it doesn’t mean that in 3 cup capacity rice cooker, you will add 3 cups of uncooked rice. But instead, you will add 1.5 cups of uncooked rice, increasing in volume up to double.

So the uncooked rice doubled in volume when cooked, and this is the reason that rice cooker should be brought with clear information and your family requirements.

If you want to cook a small amount of rice in the big-sized cooker, chances are you will have some issue and the same goes for little rice cookers with rice of more capacity.

We must choose the best rice cooker for our kitchen by doing proper research related to the product.

Here is a cookware brand, Oster, with a wide range of kitchen items on its shelf. This brand is famous for the quality and durability of its products across the US.

Oster also started to put its feet into the rice cooker market and developed some of the finest rice machines.

Now we are presenting some of the features and instructions of these Oster rice cookers for you.

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