Is Red Rice Good For Diabetes? How To Cook Red Rice In A Rice Cooker?

What Is Red Rice?

Red Rice is one of the many varieties of rice, and its growth is like the weeds. Its color is red due to anthocyanin, a red-colored pigment with a nutty flavor.

Red Rice has a substantial amount of nutrients that are essential for the growth and health of the human body.

Red Rice

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a medical condition in which the sugar level in the blood shoots too much higher levels due to lack of the body’s ability to produce insulin which is actually a sugar-regulating chemical released by the pancreas. 

Insulin makes it possible to absorb the sugar (glucose) into the cells for the body’s energy requirements. Glucose is the source of energy for the body cells. The lack of management of this can cause some severe issues for human health.   

The accumulation of blood sugar in the absence of insulin can harm human life in different ways and may prove fatal in extreme cases.

A sizeable number of people in the world are diabetic (more than 400million). It occurs most of the time due to not taking care of food habits and living a life without the workout and exercise.  

There are several types of diabetes according to the variant conditions. It is also a known fact that diabetes cannot be cured 100%, but prevention is the best policy. A person can live it by creating a balance and harmony by making the healthy routine of eating and working out, so the sugar levels remain within limits.

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Is Red Rice Good For Diabetes?

Food consumption has a special connection with diabetes in particular. Red Rice, as discussed in this post, can be used both in processed or unprocessed forms.

Glycemic index is the litmus criterion for any food, whether suitable for diabetic people or not.

GI index shows the rate at which the sugar in that food is ready to be soluble in the body cells to convert into energy directly and not accumulate in the blood.

The lower the GI, the better it is. The Red Rice acquires the GI 55, which is best as compared to many other rice variants. 

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Is Red Rice Good For Diabetes?

Is Red Rice Healthy?

It is usually said that brown rice has the most valuable ingredients to boost your health and immunity, and it’s also true. But what most people didn’t know is that Red Rice is equally rich with a fantastic bundle of healthy ingredients and shares a place of its own in the rice species.

It has several ways to impact health in a very positive manner.  

  • The magnesium content in the Red rice allows it to regulate blood circulation and thus saves the person from potential asthma and other respiratory issues.
  • Helps to consume the oxygen into your blood cells effectively. It results in the healthy growth of blood cells when they meet with ample oxygen and make the person’s great mood. 
  • The rich fiber grains help the food digest quickly, and they become a part of the body. It cleanses the body from unwanted and toxic chemicals, so your body becomes fresh and energetic.
  • These also reduce cholesterol, thus preventing the blood vessels from thickening and keeps your heart light and easy pumping.

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How To Make Red Rice More Health Friendly?

As usual, the rice should be reduced in the diet of diabetic people because of the glucose it has. But here comes a particular case of the Red Rice, which gives you leverage due to its suitable GI.

Only monitoring Red Rice’s GI is not enough; the way the rice is cooked plays a lot in this scenario.

Using a rice cooker to make the Red Rice meal will be helpful in this case at it will preserve the healthy nutrients of rice and make it more digestible to the metabolism.

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Mixing the rice with other low GI foods is also a helpful method so the GI of the whole meal will collectively be in the safe range for diabetic persons. You can easily add different vegetables, grains, or lentils to the rice.

Cooking the rice in the right way also stops the starch from gelatinized, and this will keep your blood sugar level low

How To Cook Red Rice In A Rice Cooker?


  • 1 Cup Rice 
  • Water 
  • 1 Onion
  • 1 Tomato


Take 1 cup of Red Rice, soak them in water for 3 to 4 hours before cooking, and then rinse them.

Place the rice in 3 cups of water in the cooking pot depending upon the fluff you desire. 3 cup water will help make the rice fluffiest as thick outer it needs more moisture (2 cups water can used too).

Add the shredded onions and sliced tomatoes in the mixture with 1 spoon of olive oil ( or any ), and close the lid.

Choose the brown rice setting if you are using the advanced cooker. Otherwise, choose a simple cooking option, and after 1 cycle, repress the cooking button, and when 45-50 minutes are done with the combined time of cooking, switch off the rice cooker, and receive the delicious Red Rice meal from the cooker.

Note: you can add the different ingredients according to your need/choice.

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By reading at this point, you have known the benefits of Red Rice and its diabetic-friendly nature. We encourage you to take a healthy diet plan, and care about your health, and make sure the regular checkups from your family doctor.

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