Black Rice Vs Wild Rice

Black Rice vs Wild Rice? The Duel of Shadows.

Many people don’t have a clue about the difference between black rice and wild rice due to the rare details of them in public.

We are discussing these 2 types of rice in this post about these 2 types of rice and their essential differences so that you can know them in detail. 

black rice vs wild rice

Black Rice

In ancient China, Black rice was known as the forbidden rice as these were not allowed for the common population, and only the royals were allowed to enjoy black rice.

In ancient times it was believed that black rice is a cure for many diseases of stomach and liver etc. It was pretty expensive and rare at that time and known as the oldest rice in Chinese history. 

In today’s world, it’s no more forbidden but readily available in markets for use, and its production is increased to meet the requirements of consumers.

black rice

Benefits Of Black Rice:

There are several medical benefits of using black rice.

  • Good for heart
  • Antidiabetic
  • Detoxing of body
  • Good for weight loss
  • Fiber is High
  • Antioxidants
  • Free from Gluten 

These benefits of black rice are very impactful if you are a health-conscious person and want to enjoy a fresh meal with high health index.

Some Of The Best Black Rice Brands:

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How To Cook Black Rice:

As for black rice, there are 2 popular methods to cook them perfectly. First is the absorption method, and the second is the pasta method.


Absorption Method:

The absorption method is mainly used for the cooking of black rice in the world. In this method, water is used to soak the rice as the conventional way. You can also use broth instead that will make the rice more tasty and tender from the inside.

Take 2 cups of broth of water and 1 cup of black rice. Rinse the rice before cooking so any starch will be removed from it. 

Then add the rice with liquid (broth/water) into the rice cooker and add a tablespoon of butter or oil to the mixture, so the rice doesn’t stick in the bottom of the pan.

Then select the brown rice setting of your rice cooker; if it has otherwise no, you can simply click the cooking button. The rice will be ready in about 30 minutes on average due to the thick outer of the grain. Now you can enjoy the meal. Note that salt can be added after or before the cooking according to your choice.

The time of cooking may vary according to the climate conditions.


Pasta Method:

The pasta method is not used much but is actually doable; in this method, you add a lot of water in the pot with the rice in it and heat the pot on the stove.

This method doesn’t follow the water rice ratio, and once the rice is baked, the remaining water will be poured out like the boiling method.

You can always check whether the rice is cooked during the process by just checking some grains out of water. But this method is not widely recommended by health experts because some of the nutrients may lose in the cooking, and you can only use water for the cooking medium, not the broth or any other liquid.  

After the cooking, you can serve the black rice with the vegetables or boiled meat slices to add the flavors.

Dishes for Black Rice:

As for the black rice, the flexibility spectrum is broader than the previous one, and you can make several spinoffs of this rice. What about trying a Black Sushi or Black Biryani etc.

You can always experiment to push your limits, but for now, we have gathered a special black rice dish for you right below.

Wild Rice:

The wild rice is sometimes confused with the black rice despite the fact that the former one is not from the typical rice family but from a family of grass known as Zizania Aquatica and easily flourish near a water body such as a pond, river or lake, etc.

The other names of wild rice are water oats and Canada rice; it is found near the ponds and streams of North America, India, and some other countries.  This was the primary food of some of the native American tribes in history.

wild rice

Benefits Of Wild Rice:

Wild rice is also very good for your health and possesses some interesting properties; some of them are as follows.

  • Good in weight loss
  • Magnesium active
  • Have phosphorus for bones
  • Diabetes control
  • No gluten
  • Folate Rich
  • Heart friendly

Wild rice has more folate content in it that is good for human embryos and improves its health.

Other essential components such as vitamin B complex and more are includes in it. These are also light on the metabolic system of the human body. 

Also, wild and black both of these rice are useful in cancer prevention. Both of them have a chemical named anthocyanin that acts as a cure for the disease, and black rice possesses it more than wild rice.


Some Of The Best Wild Rice Brands:

Checkout The Following 3 Best Wild Rice Brands:

How To Cook Wild Rice:

Cooking the wild rice is similar to the black rice as the 2 methods mentioned above, but as a bonus, we will share the 3rd method for wild rice called the pilaf method with you.  


Pilaf Method:

In this method, you will toast the grains of wild rice on oil with some vegetables, meat, and spices and add some water to make the grains fluffy then; you heat the mixture on the pan until water starts to evaporate.

Adding the onions, ginger, capsicum, and other additives will increase the aroma and taste of the wild rice.

Use olive oil or soya oil to fry the onions and garlic to make them light brown. Then add the 1 half cup of wild rice to the pan. Then add little salt with some spoons of water to deeply cook rice, and after few minutes of heating, add other ingredients like veggies or boiled meat with any sauces of your choice. Then cook it for about 4 to 5 minutes, and your wild meal is ready. 

Dishes For Wild Rice:

As for this rice, it has many versatile uses, e.g. you can add them in soups, salads, and lazania to get the best flavor and texture out of it.

You can search for many other creative ideas regarding wild rice cooking and can also experiment in your kitchen. Below we have handpicked a special wild rice meal for your learning.

Comparison Of Black Rice & Wild Rice:

  • Taste of both of these rice is chewy, and a little salty the volume of both of these rice pops up after cooking, but the wild one has more popup.
  • Texture of this rice is less firm than brown rice or red rice and has a nutty touch in it.
  • The aroma of wild rice is a little sweety and grass-like as it belongs to the grass family, while the aroma of the black rice is usually raw and mild.
  • Black rice has many grain sizes, from long to short and medium, but wild rice usually has 1 same size.
  • Wild and Black both of these rice are useful in cancer prevention. Both of them have a chemical named anthocyanin that acts as a cure for the disease.


So finally, at the ending of this post, we have looked towards the differences and similarities of both rice and known the benefits of both.

These are almost similar in meal form in aroma and taste with a slight variation, but you can enjoy them both from time to time in various forms. So it’s a shadowy tie.

The only main difference is the grass nature of the wild rice as this not belongs to the rice family but from the grass family. But otherwise, these both are like cousins.

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