What Are The 5 Best Sushi Rice Brand?

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5 Best Sushi Rice Brand are

What Is Sushi?

Sushi ace the game with its unique making process, elegance, and taste variety whenever it comes to Japanese cuisine.  

Sushi is the best cultural export of Japan to the world. In Japan, it’s already very popular and used as a normal household food; with the rise in cultural intermixing, it’s now a very popular dish in the western world too. 

What do you think about whenever you heard the word ‘Sushi,’ a rice cube with the Solomon fish slice rolled in a green leaf or fish skin and spicy sauces. To know more about  ➡️ How to cook sushi rice, you can read our post about that in which you will find how to cook sushi rice perfectly.

Its traditionally made from short-grain rice; although it’s not a thumb rule to use the short-grain rice, it can also be made from brown rice and other rice variants, particularly in the absence of the standard sushi rice or for the experimenting a new variant.

To know more about the  ➡️best sushi rice substitute, you can read our post about that in which you will find the best options for your Sushi making adventure and takes it to the next level.

Whenever we make the sushi rice at home, there is a high chance of rice leftover after the meal. Now here comes the question that if we can free it or not in the refrigerator?

The answer is Yes, you can easily freeze them. To know more about  ➡️ How To Freeze Sushi Rice, you can read our post about that in which you will find various technique of freezing sushi rice.

Why Is Sushi So Famous?

This is an interesting question, and to answer that, we have to understand some points, and after that, we can clearly comprehend the Sushi and the class related to it. 

First of all, rice is a staple food in many Asian cultures, including China, Korea, Japan, etc. Japanese have developed some incredible techniques to master the rice game. 

They combined the sliced meat of sea fish e. g salmon &tuna, etc., with different sauces and vegetables wrapped around the lightly boiled rice. This whole process fascinates the viewer and gives it a royal touch; that’s the rise of Sushi. 

When the Japanese introduced this technique to the world, the whole world liked it so much and was amazed by this dish, so it became popular quickly in other countries.

What Makes Sushi Taste So Good?

Well, this is a million-dollar question, and by finding the answer to that, you will be able to know the real reason why sushi is so vastly liked and appreciated in the whole world.

The Japanese take this dish as a form of art and make it with the core of heart. As for the above-multifaceted question, the answers go in the same pattern.

The quality of sushi highly depends upon the type of fish and the quality of meat. The fat proportions are different at different parts of the same fish. The way it’s treated, and the combination of spices in the sauces count a lot in improving the taste.

The central part about the type of rice, the texture, the grain length, and stickiness all count for the quality. Last but not least, how well experienced is the chef that makes it. 

Why Short Grain Rice Is Used To Make Sushi?

Short grain rice is used to make Sushi as a standard. This is because the kicking ability of these rice make the perfect rice rolls to be wrapped in the meat slices and veggies. 

Normally these rice are treated in vinegar to add all the required qualities for sushi making, and the texture the taste of it will be absorbed in them, so when they are combined with the sauces specially made to enhance the flavour, they work best to serve the taste buds of the sushi lovers. 

You can also make the treatment of rice with vinegar for the Sushi, but it’s a little time consuming process, so with the availability of processed sushi rice in the market, there is no need to make them at home when you can simply buy them from the shop. 

5 Best Sushi Rice Brand In The Market:

As many brands in the market sell sushi rice, mainly of the Japonica type (processed for Sushi), we help you reach and choose the best Sushi Rice brand for your classical sushi experience. 

So here we go! ⬇️

what are the 5 best sushi rice brand

1. Tamanishiki Sushi Rice

These are one of the best Sushi rice brand for the Sushi that has been gone through the Musenmai process. Organic in nature, these rice are cultivated in the California state of the US. 

This rice is very starchy and sticky in texture that helps them make the rice rolls very easily; they have the ability to fit in the chopstick pretty easily. 



2. Kokuho Sushi Rice:

Kokuho medium-grain rice is the best alternative in the absence of short-grain rice. This is a trademark brand from the Koda company and developed in the late 60s. 

It is processed in the freshest form after the crop is harvested, so it takes significantly less time in cooking. It makes it easy to make Sushi for big families or friends due to its easy cooking property. 



3. Tamaki Gold Sushi Rice

Tamaki Gold is a short rice type and best known for the yummy taste and nice texture which makes it suitable for onigiri too. 

It is made by a blend of both vintage and modern methods of rice processing . It is very popular among the sushi lovers as the grains has a juicy feel in the grain and the outer layer is gummy type. 



4. Botan Musenmai Sushi Rice

Botan Musenmai mid grain rice is harvested with care and has grown in California since the early 50s. It is best for Sushi making because of the starchy grains that have the vinegar touch and make the mouth water when a person smells its aroma. 

It is the best choice on a humble budget and can also be used for another Japanese cuisine besides the Sushi too.



5. Annie Chun’s Sushi Rice:

Annie Chun’s is the best vegan-friendly brand on a tight, or should we say student budget. It is best for the starter in the field of sushi making due to its short cooking time and amazing texture. 

Using the proper balance of sauces will give you the best sushi experience in a while. 



Best Sushi Rice Cooker:

Checkout The Following 3 Best Sushi Rice Cooker:


By reading this post now, you have seen that Sushi is an amazing dish and there are ready-made/processed rice in the market available for you, so you don’t have to worry about the rice treatment by yourself just check the best Sushi Rice brand as given above according to your specifications and enjoy the royal Japanese cuisine. 


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