What Is The Purpose Of Rice Cooker?

In this article I will put the different aspects of the rice cooker and the facts related to rice cooker.

What Is Rice Cooker?

A rice cooker is a kitchen appliance used to boil or steam rice. There are electrical and gas powered types. The term can also refer to a container designed for cooking rice in a microwave oven.

The Rice cooker has a bowl at the bottom where the rice is put, and the moisture generated by the rice boils away and stimulates the heart. This makes one of the hottest cooking appliances in every Japanese kitchen. However, this lovely pot can also serve other purposes.

Rice cookers come in many sizes and styles; some offer multiple cooking options while others have one or two main functions. In addition, many have digital displays to show time, temperature, and the number of cups used.

Rice cookers are compact and convenient by using modern new cooking techniques such as steaming and slow cooking. If you are a person that needs quick food, a rice cooker lets you get creative with your selection and cooking methods by having the option to sauté, steam and boil.

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What Is The History Of Rice Cooker?

Rice Cooker was developed in the first quarter of 20th century Japan. Japanese people used rice as the leading staple food. They worked on rice dishes and formulated some fantastic techniques to perfect the cooking experiences. The invention of the rice cooker is one of the signs of progress. 

As time passes, there are many developments in rice cookers that aim to provide users with increased comforts.

For example, in the 80s, fuzzy logic was introduced by the Zojirushi brand that revolutionized the rice cooker and removed the element of human error, making the cooking experience seamless.

Digital controls are added to it that gives immense control over the cooking process, which was impossible in the past. 

Nowadays, more and more rice cookers with harmless materials are on the boom that doesn’t add any toxins to the food and provides only fresh and organic food to your loved ones. 

You can read our detailed post about the evolution of the rice cooker. and the difference between Fuzzy Logic and Regular Rice Cooker

How Does A Rice Cooker Work?

Here is the working principle of a rice cooker is: Rice cooks with the steam release. But it is not comfortable to cook rice directly with the stove top because of its significant amount of heat; thus, it has made a small difference to suit our needs. 

The essential concept of a rice cooker is very simple, a pressure cooker with a retaining lid and pot containing a heating element. In addition, there are small tubes. When pressure builds inside, rice grains will be covered or submerged in water or steam by the pressure, and when it becomes rare, steam will be released through the small tubes for a long time until it comes again. 

After releasing the steam and cooling down, it would stand in another saucepan to provide the meal, which is quite classic and easy to use, but not a good thing if burned directly on the stove top surface. 

The hardness of the base material plays an essential role in keeping water-tightness at home and stopping burn, although only one moisture existed inside, besides being economical. 

To absorb much energy while cooking rice, this little pot looks like a bowl with a bottom cover made out of aluminum instead of plastic such as Teflon (FSK) or stainless steel.  

What Is The Purpose Of Rice Cooker?

The purpose of rice cooker is to cook rice. Rice cookers help you to make perfect rice every time. They are so easy to use and they are affordable. And there is no need to watch the rice cooker while it is cooking rice. Once you put the rice in your rice cooker and turn it on, you can walk away without worrying about it burning or overflowing. And the best part is your rice will be ready when you are.

Rice cookers can offer arms-free cooking for you; all you have to do is measure out the rice, add an appropriate amount of water according to the water level indicators on the inner pot and select the most appropriate cooking program. Rice Cooker benefit in many ways through their features, including: in a friendly tone: Ease of use, Perfect results, Versatility, Saving money and resources, Health benefits

Rice cookers were invented to make it easier for us to cook our favorite food. It was invented in Japan during the 1950s because back then people did not have time to cook their meals like people do today. The reason for this was that most people had jobs that kept them out of the house all day long. So people wanted something that would cook their favorite food, which was white rice, while they were away at work.

The main purpose of rice cooker is that it lets you go about your business without having to worry about overcooking your food or setting off the smoke alarm in your house while trying to cook. You can also save money by making less expensive foods such as brown rice instead of white rice. And if you want something even more healthy than brown rice, try wild rice!

What Is The Purpose Of Rice Cooker

What Can You Cook In A Rice Cooker?

Previously, a few decades ago, the rice cookers could make only simple rice and nothing more than it due to its super simple mechanism of operation.

Over the passage of time, new and more advanced features were added to the rice cookers, making them quick, efficient, and more versatile. 

Nowadays, rice cookers are the most advanced versions of them and now have computer-operated mechanisms, and fuzzy logic tech is very popular these days that ensure that the cooker will sense the time when the rice is ready to the fullest. 

Prior to the addition of new tech into rice cookers, they were able to handle multiple types of foods in them. However, with the control of temperature and moisture, there are possibilities regarding the cuisines like never before.

What Can You Cook In A Rice Cooker?

It usually looks like a rice cooker can only cook the rice. If you think the same, think again. Nowadays, rice cookers are so advanced that they can cook many other foods besides rice. 

Following are some prominent foods you can cook in a rice cooker.

1. Sushi:

Sushi is Japanese dish has a following in millions; it is very popular as an elegant delicacy in the whole world and symbol of Japanese culture.

The small grain rice is used in its making; they require relatively more time to get ready than normal rice. These rice can be cooked into the rice cookers with the sushi option given. Later served with salmon fish layered meat and other sauces to enhance the taste. 

The fluffy white rice needs to be handled with care in order to make a perfect balance. What is sushi and how to make sushi?


2. Gumbo:

Yes, you read it right, you can cook this delicious dish from Louisiana, US, in the rice cooker. However, it requires a little care with proper knowledge of ingredients. You can checkout how to cook gumbo in rice cooker?

We suggest you do your proper research before you start cooking the gumbo in a rice cooker.


3. Cake:

The pancakes are very tasty and are cooked in the oven or stoves, but the design of modern rice cookers is made in a way that cakes can be easily cooked into these, which is super easy because in small rooms and dorms, it is difficult to use the oven or stoves that need a bigger space.

The automation in the cooker is cheery on the top, which will stop the cooker when the cake is ready. Just use a quick recipe to make a cake whenever you want.

4. Quinoa:

It is a seed that is utilized as a healthy meal. It has rich fiber content that is healthy for lowering the chance of heart diseases, cancer, and respiratory issues.

So if you are a health-conscious and food lover, consider it in your meal list. Many of the modern rice cookers can cook it with perfection.

You can cook this into milk or water. It is considered one of the healthiest meals for gym-goers and athletes. Just rinse the grains with water, put them in the pot with milk, cover it with a lid, and press the cooking button; then, after a few minutes, the meal will be ready to eat.

Things to cook in a rice cooker quinoa

5. Porridge:

You can have a healthy breakfast in the form of porridge, which can be done in a rice cooker.

Porridge is considered a healthy diet rich in carbs and best at the start of the day to fill your body with energy.

The porridge is a single-pot dish so that it can be cooked into the rice cooker with ease. You can just make it with quinoa or brown rice baked in the milk.

Put both the liquid and grains in the pot and press the button and it will be ready in minutes.

It will lower your cholesterol level and improves your heart rate.

6. Noodles & Pasta:

Italian cuisines are always taken as the symbol of culture and mannerism, and pasta is the crown jewel in Italian food worldwide.

You can now make yummy pasta with mouthwatering finishing and cheesy texture in few minutes using the rice cooker given the option of pasta. 

Just choose the settings for pasta, and proper knowledge of ingredients will lead to a delicious meal eventually.

These foods are easily cooked in rice cooker noodles, and pasta is the kid’s favorite dish in most cases. 

You can make them in the rice cookers, and if you are an office worker or student who needs quick meals in the morning, the rice cooker is a gift for you.

Things to cook in a rice cooker Pasta

7. Potatoes:

If you like the potatoes very much we have a piece of good news for you, you can bake the potatoes of starchy types in the rice cookers very well and can simply enjoy the meal with cheese or any spicy sauce.

A quick tip for you is to slightly pierce the outer skin of potatoes to prevent any spreading or mushy potatoes.

Things to cook in a rice cooker potato

8. Steaming Food:

Diet experts say that the boiling of an edible thing will decline the number of healthy nutrients because the high temperatures will burn the healthy chemicals.

But innovation played the role here, and the steaming option was introduced in these cookers. A steam tray allows the steam to treat the vegetables or sliced meat placed in it, and high temperature and pressure of steam will cook them even without burning them or damaging any healthy ingredients.

9. Oats:

These are high in carbohydrates and considered healthy breakfasts; they require a high temperature for cooking and can be cooked in most modern rice cookers. You can read more about what is Oats and how to cook Oats in rice cooker?

10. Soups:

You can also make delicious soups in the rice cooker. Soups are delicious and full of energy, especially in the winters. 

A yummy corn soup with chicken and veggies is a gift for sure when you enjoy it with a special person in your life.

Top 5 Rice Cooke Brands:

Many notable brands are leading the market of rice cookers. We will discuss a few of them to check them out and decide which one suits you the best. 

1. Aroma:

Aroma is considered America’s number 1 rice cooker brand. It assures that the consumers always get the best product against the amount they pay. It also produces other kitchenware such as electric kettles, indoor grills, etc. Aroma uses the latest technology to make the process more accessible and seamless.

It has been 4 decades from its beginning, and it never dropped the standard. You can check the detail review of best Aroma rice cooker.

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2. Zojirushi

Zojirushi is the leading rice cooker brand from Japan and has a fan base worldwide. This company makes a lot of electric equipment under its brand name and is about a century old.

Zojirushi is the first one that has developed the fuzzy logic rice cooker in the 80s, and that revolutionized the rice cookers forever. It is the trendsetter in the rice cooker market.

Although it is considered a little pricey brand, it will provide you the best against the value paid by you.You can check the detail review of best Zojirushi rice cooker

Please check these 3 hand-picked cookers to decide whether they fit your needs or any other brand do.

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3. Tiger Rice Cooker:

There are hundreds of rice cookers online – from stove top to pressure cooked and more. One name you can’t seem to get enough of is Tiger Rice Cooker. The company is established in Japan and has grown in popularity. They are mainly known for their rice cookers that combine kitchen functionality and style.

The reason why many people love using Tiger Rice Cooker products is because of its feature-rich design. You can take an in-depth look at the Best Tiger Rice Cooker

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4. Black Decker:

There are many brands available in the market these days. But when it comes to the best quality products, BLACK+DECKER is undoubtedly one of the best companies. This is because so many people prefer the Black Decker rice cooker for preparing different types of rice. Black Decker rice cookers are preferred by every individual as there are many features available in this rice cooker. With the help of this rice cooker, you can prepare any type of delicious rice like parboiled, brown, and instant white without any difficulty in your kitchen or anywhere else.

Black Decker makes some of the best rice cookers on the market. They’re easy to use, and their automatic keep warm feature is a nice touch. You can take an in-depth look at the Best Black Decker Rice Cooker

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5. Toshiba:

Toshiba is one of the most sophisticated rice cooker makers in the market that provides you with the best rice cooker range and is digitally equipped with a smooth controlling system.

Toshiba is a Japanese brand that makes several different electronic products. Its products are long-lasting and will serve you for the years to come.You can take an in-depth look at the Best Toshiba Rice Cooker

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Reading up to this point, you have learned the basic info related to the rice cookers the improvements and functionality of the rice cookers.

It would be best if you gave it a try for sure, you will thank us later.


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