How To Store Cooked Rice? 4 Different Method To Store Cooked Rice

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How To Store Cooked Rice? What Is Leftover Rice?

We all love rice so much that, especially if we look at the south Asian cultures, the rice is the prime factor in most dishes there. As the popularity of rice in the western world is also very common, people are now consuming the rice at a much larger scale than ever.Rice can be consumed in several ways, either in sushi, biryani, Spanish style, desserts, etc.

Sometimes, we have somehow cooked a bowl of extra rice, and now there are the rice leftovers in the pan. However, there must be some ways to preserve the excessive cooked rice used in the next meal.

Rice leftover can create a mess and may not be able to be eaten and wasted. To avoid a situation like this, we are here to share and discuss some of the best-proven methods to store cooked rice.

Thus, it will save you time and money for the next meal, and you can easily enjoy the best of the taste and texture of this rice.  

How To Store Cooked Rice?

4 Different Method To Store Cooked Rice:

There are many methods to store leftover cooked rice; some of them are following. These methods will give you the ideas to store cooked rice.

  1. Reheat Cooked Rice
  2. Store leftover rice in a rice cooker
  3. Freezing the cooked rice
  4. Steaming on the stove

Believe us, these 4 methods will be proved very helpful and can save the day for you like a kitchen hack. You can always use them depending upon your convenience. 

1. How To Reheat Cooked Rice?

Inappropriate heating, spoils the taste, and hardened the rice. But if you follow the right way to reheat the leftover cooked rice, it will be worth saving the rice leftovers for your next use. You can reheat sticky rice as well for your next use.

Below are the main methods you can use in your house to reheat the cooked rice.

  • Reheat Cooked Rice on Stove
  • Reheat Cooked Rice in Microwave
  • Reheat Cooked Rice in Rice Cooker

How To Reheat Cooked Rice On Stove?

You can stir fry the cooked rice leftovers on the stove in a pan, which will be awesome and add taste to it.

  • Just place the rice in the frying pan.
  • Take a little oil in the pan, heat it to the boiling point, place a little salt in the oil, and place the cooked rice leftovers in the pan.
  • Now stir the rice by the rice paddle; the rice will be easily fried due to slat that helps the process; you can add different spices, veggies, and sauces to enhance the taste and the value addition is the thing you will enjoy a lot.
  • Fry it for 4 to 6 minutes the fresh rice meal is ready for you; this method is proved to be the best way to make leftover rice usable again.

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How To Reheat Cooked Rice In Microwave?

Microwave is very helpful in reheating rice, and it’s a slightly tricky way to use the microwave for reheating.

  • Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of water or oil for every cup of the rice leftovers.
  • You can also use lamb meat or chicken broth as a liquid to add the taste to the leftover rice.
  • Now cover the rice bowl with a lid or plastic paper before placing it in the microwave and select the heating option with a timer set to 3 or 4 minutes.

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How To Reheat Cooked Rice In Rice Cooker?

Many modern-day rice cookers have reheating ability that’s great and time-saving.

  • Just place the leftover cooked rice in the cooking pot with a little oil or water sprinkled on leftover rice and set the option, and it will quickly do the job done.

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2. How To Store Cooked Rice In Rice Cooker?

Storing leftovers in a rice cooker is the best practice for you if you have to save the rice for a few hours, usually for a night, and then consume it in the morning. 

Almost every rice cooker nowadays has a built-in preset of the keep warm mode that can keep the rice warm for several hours (usually 12hrs); some advanced models can save up to 24 hours.

It auto-activated when the food is cooked, and you can select the warm setting manually to keep the leftover rice safe inside the pot. It will keep the rice warm and fluffy, totally fresh to use.

This feature allows the leftover rice to be fresh and fluffy for a couple of hours, some rice cookers can even   keep warm the rice for up to 24 hours but that’s not advisable because there is a chance that rice loose the moisture and becomes stale that can also create stomach issue.

Use this method for the medium range of hours that’s okay for the students and office workers who need quick meals before leaving their place.

We recommend you use this technique if you have to use the rice after 6 to 8 hours. This ensures food safety, and delaying more than this time may cause an increase in the dryness of rice due to lack of moisture.


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3. Can You Freeze Cooked Rice?

Sometimes, we have to keep the rice leftovers in the freezer to save them for next time. However, making them ready to use for the next meal is sometimes challenging if you don’t know the proper reheating methods.

Freezing the cooked rice is basically for the person who likes to store the cooked rice for few days and this goes well for the large amount of the rice cooked.

Freezing the cooked rice can store the moisture for long durations by freezing the water content of rice and you can always make the rice ready to use in fresh state by simply reheating them. It is advisable to not exceed the limits of 7-9 days of the freezing that can cause the fungus growth in the rice and turning them to potentially toxic materials.

So that’s why please getting the ample research before doing this method to store your leftover rice and then it’s ok to use them.

4. How To Steam Leftover Rice On Stove?

  • Take a pan, add a little olive oil or butter, place it on a low flame stove, and add the rice leftovers in the pan.
  • Now cover the lid to attain the steaming effect, and this will make the rice ready to use in about 5 to 8 minutes.

It’s a quick fix for the students and job-going people and is relatively used by the working class more.

How To Store Leftover Sushi Rice?

So here comes the Japanese nod to this, let’s assume that you made yummy sushi with the short grain rice and attained perfection. Now you eat the best sushi meal in a while with your family or friends, and there is still the rice leftovers in the pot.

So if you want to save that sushi rice for few days, you can simply freeze sushi rice in the fridge to store. The moisture will be gone leaving the dryness in the rice. Luckily it can be easily treated to use again when recovering from the refrigerator. The first method is to steam the recovered sushi rice by placing them on the rolling mat of bamboo sticks and place them on a pot of boiling water for 5 to12 minutes until the rice attain freshness.

You can also add a little water to the rice and heat them on the stovetop in a flat pan for 3 to 5 minutes until they revive the moisture and becomes fluffy. So enjoy the meal of sushi rice in that way. 

You can also put the leftover sushi rice in the microwave, sprinkle some oil and water on it, and heat it for 4 to 5 minutes; this will also make them fresh.


By reading to this point, you have seen the different ways that can help you to make your leftover rice to use again without wasting them in the trash. We recommend you choose the best one that suits your condition and enjoy your rice meal. Always try your best to save the resources and make them useful again. Peace!

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