Instant Brown Rice Vs Regular Brown Rice

Rice stands at 3rd position in the grains that are used as a staple food in the whole world. There are more than 7000 rice variants on the planet, and each one of them has some unique features and properties.

Today we are going to discuss the comparison of the quick brown rice with the regular brown rice. The thing that separates them both is the cooking time of these rice.

People have mixed opinions about this rice, so read this post if you like to explore more about this rice. 

Instant Brown Rice vs Regular Brown Rice

Brown Rice Vs Regular Rice?

The main difference between instant brown rice and regular brown rice is the rice preparation time, so which one has the most health benefits? 


Milling is the process that makes the rice ready for eating purposes; this is a series of operations in which bran is removed and other such things etc.


The more the milling process takes the time the more minor the nutritional ingredients are left in the rice, so it’s inversely related to each other.


That’s why brown rice is more healthy and active than regular white rice because then white rice undergoes a lengthy milling process as compared to brown rice.

How Instant Brown Rice Processed?

This question gives you the info required to understand this rice with a better perspective; actually, instant rice is partially cooked and then dehydrated for the packing, and that’s why it took a little time (6 -8 minutes) to be cooked because it is designed to do so.

But here comes the down points of it as this is precooked/ partially cooked, reducing the health factor of instant rice.

Regular brown rice has the edge over this when it comes to both nutritional values, but it doesn’t mean that instant rice is bad for you. The research also shows that instant rice is also good for health but with a little less nutritional value than regular.

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Instant Brown Rice Vs Regular Brown Rice:

Main Difference Between Instant Brown Rice And Regular Brown Rice Is?

Main difference between instant and regular brown rice is cooking time. The instant brown rice takes almost 4-5 times less than regular brown rice (~ 40 -45 minutes) and is only ready in 6 to 8 minutes. That’s awesome for the students or job-going people if they want to make a rice breakfast quickly.

Is Instant Brown Rice as Healthy As Regular Brown Rice?

As both Instant and Regular Brown rice carry their own benefits, and brown rice is rich in nutrients, they reduce the chances of diabetes because of the fiber that regulates blood sugar levels.

Regular brown rice helps in weight loss due to its high fiber content that reduces the fats accumulation in the body.

Regular Brown Rice also makes blood circulation easier by making the blood vessels less thick so the heart rate is improved and the risk of cardio-vascular diseases reduces to a great extent.

Brown rice facilitates the improvement of your body’s metabolic system, and it’s easy to digest as well. It also gives the feeling of fulfilling the hunger as the bowel movements are controlled.

The antioxidants in brown rice are really good for your internal functioning; the vitamins in this rice helps to improve the bones and hair health of your body. This also has essential metals e.g., iron, magnesium, and calcium, etc.

On the other hand, Instant Rice possesses a small number of nutrients compared to regular brown rice; this is because of the lengthy milling process that depletes many of the healthy nutrients in it or at least reduces their effect.

Can You Cook Instant Brown Rice In Rice Cooker?

Yes, you can easily cook the instant one the same as the regular ones, but the little difference is here in the process.

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How To Cook Instant Brown Rice In Rice Cooker?

  • Rinse the quick rice in the freshwater, soak them for about 20 minutes, and pour them out.
  • Use the water 1.5 to 2 cups per 1 cup of instant brown rice (for regular brown rice, use 3 to 4 cups of water per 1 cup rice); this is the little thing to take into account.
  • Now that the rice and water are in the cooking pot add a little oil/butter and salt and cover the rice cooker’s lid.
  • The instant rice takes less time than the regular ones, so keep that in mind and always follow the instructions given on the packing by the rice brand. Usually, it takes 6 to 10 minutes; set the timer accordingly.
  • When the time is completed, BOOM, now you can enjoy the quick rice meal with your loved ones.
  • Adding the veggies or sauces can make it more delicious.

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After reading to this point now, you have learned the important thing about both instant and regular brown rice.

It is a fact that regular brown rice is better in texture, flavor, and nutrients, but if you want to make the rice quickly with a little compromise on nutrients the instant rice is the thing to try, especially if you are an office worker or student who needs a quick meal.

Both of these rice have their own value, and we recommend you to give them both a chance once in a while.

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