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Whenever you think about sushi eating probably, it will make your mouth watery. But what if there is no sushi rice (The short-grain Japanese rice from which the Sushi is made) available?

You’ll perhaps think that there is no other way to prepare the iconic Sushi without the world-renowned rice breed related to it. But hold on, luckily, there is something in the bag you might not know but will soon learn about it, reading further this post.

Best sushi rice alternative

Background Of Sushi Rice:

Japan has a rich culture, and it has impacted globally. The planet is like a global village in today’s new world, and cultures are mixing in this ever-changing world.

Now we are in the era where food culture is expanding, and people from other cultures try different cultures’ delicacies to explore new tastes.

Sushi is the brand ambassador of Japanese cuisine across the globe and is widely popular in the West.

It is made from special rice treated with vinegar, and now these are also available in the supermarkets. If the stock ended here so what’s the plan to follow? Here are some credible alternatives for the Sushi which is given in here.

background of sushi rice

What Is Sushi Rice?

These are the short-grain rice which is almost transparent and resembles the Japonica breed of rice. These are vinegar-absorbed rice and slices of salmon fish, vegetables, and special sauces.

These ingredients, when combined and presented uniquely, create marvelous wonders.

The rice cubes are wrapped in thin slices of salmon fish and dipped in sauces that are all your taste buds need to enter in trans.

You can consume it as a side-kick meal, or it can also cover your table as a whole meal, and you will still love it.

sushi rice

Best Sushi Rice Brands:

Checkout The Following 3 Best Sushi Rice Brands:

Specificity of Sushi Rice:

The key player in the excellence of Sushi is the rice used in Sushi. The rice needs to be sticky to bond together like they form rice cubes used alongside the salmon fish slices.

Due to short-grain rice’s ability to sticking perfectly, you cannot use the typical long grain basmati rice or jasmine rice to make the Sushi instead of short rice.

In ancient times, Japanese people sometimes use brown rice to make Sushi. This rice has a nutty taste and dry-like texture so that was not a perfect choice for Sushi,  but people, due to lack of short-grain rice, somehow managed to use it as a substitute.

Best Alternative of Sushi Rice:

Following are some of the best alternatives for making Sushi if you don’t have sushi rice.

Quinoa (Whole Wheat):

If you want to really enjoy the taste and texture that is nearest to the rice, it is quinoa that will fulfill the taste gap. This grain is closest in resemblance to sushi rice.

The stickiness of these grains is enough to bind the grains together to form the cubes. The color might look a little different due to the light yellow color of the grain, but we assure you once you will taste it with the salmon slices and success, you will know the yummy flavor and will know the potential of this grain.

quinoa rice

Checkout The Following 3 Best Quinoa Brands:

Arborio Rice:

Arborio rice is the Italian breed that is sticky and medium-sized grain. It will serve as the best substitute for Sushi in the absence of sushi rice. You can add a little more water to make them stick more.

arborio rice

Checkout The Following 3 Best Arborio Rice Brands:

California Rice:

Sushi rice is usually available at Asian shops when it comes to western countries, and you never know whether these are readily available in the supermarket or not.

Here comes a good option as a substitute; Clarice or California rice will be a good alternative to make Sushi for you.

It is very close to the sushi rice texture, and it is harvested by the Japanese owners of this brand who loves to serves the Japanese community living in the US by giving them the nostalgic food experience. You can make almost all Japanese rice dishes from this rice brand.

Checkout The Following 3 Best California Rice Brands:

Glutinous Mid Grain Rice:

Glutinous mid grain rice is one type of Japonica rice, and this is midsized grain rice and very popular in East Asian countries, e.g., Thailand and Vietnam, etc.

Usually, these are used in rice puddings and other sweet dishes made from rice, but due to their binding ability, these can serve as the ingredient for Sushi in the absence of sushi rice.

Glutinous Mid Grain Rice:

Checkout The Following 3 Best Glutinous Mid Grain Rice Brands:

Can We Cook Sushi In Rice Cooker:

When making Sushi,  make it clear not to take the sushi rice as a separate rice breed because these are just the processed rice with vinegar, and you can make Sushi with other suitable rice.

In the modern day world, you can make delicious Sushi in the rice cooker, which means the treatment and baking of the sushi rice portion into the cooker and then adding other ingredients to fill the dish.

Best Sushi Rice Cooker:

Checkout The Following 3 Best Sushi Rice Cooker:

How To Cook Sushi Rice?

Ingredient For Sushi Rice:

How To Cook Sushi Rice:

First, wash the rice to remove the extra starch and dust from it. Then pour out the water from the rice and place the rice in the rice cooker.

Add 2 cups of water to the pot and let the rice soak for about 40 minutes; if the rice is old, it takes a little more time to soak. After that, place the dashi (cooled) on the rice acc. To water-rice ratio.

Then select the sushi setting on the control panel and let the cooking process start and after the cooking is done, take out the rice in a big bowl to remove extra water and add the vinegar by tossing the rice with the rice paddle mix them.

Now the rice is ready, if you follow the process correctly, the other ingredients can be placed with rice to serve a meal for you.  You can always learn to improve your technique, and we suggest you also read the different sushi methods from a good cookbook, so you never miss the adventure.

Can you freeze sushi rice?🤔

Some Of The Best Best Cook Book  For Sushi Rice

Checkout The Following 3 Best Cook Book  For Sushi Rice:


If you are a sushi lover, you will find this post helpful in need of the hour, and it will help you enjoy Sushi with any substitutes. We will encourage you to try new methods to make different variants of Sushi after reading more about it.

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