Is Rice Paper Healthy To Eat?

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What Is Rice Paper?

Nowadays, a particular type of edible paper is extensively used to make several Asian and continental dishes. This paper is referred to as rice paper.

Rice paper is a thin, translucent sheet used in Vietnamese cooking as a wrap and dim sum as a wrap for steamed spring rolls. Rice paper wrappers are also used to make fresh summer rolls.

The thin paper is made from a mixture of mulberry bark, starch, and water. It becomes translucent and flexible like a thin sheet of plastic wrap when wet.

Rice paper is not as well known as some other forms of paper, but it has a rich history. Rice Paper has been used in Asia for over 2,000 years because it is inexpensive to make and very durable.

Is Rice Paper Healthy To Eat?

First, we take a look at the ingredients of the rice paper to get a clearer perspective.

  • Rice Paper has nearly less than 70 calories
  • About 10 gram of carbs
  • Virtually no fats
  • Negligible proteins
  • 1 gram of fiber

The above map is more generalized; it can vary from one type to another but follow this general bracket of nutrients. If any other ingredients are added to rice paper’s making, it will definitely change the parameters.

is rice paper healthy to eat

Can I Eat Uncooked Rice Paper?

If you think to eat the rice paper without cooking it, please think of the rice grains. Can you eat the grains without cooking? Of course not.

It is advised to consume the rice paper in fried or cooked form in this way, and you will digest it easily and get the best taste out of it.

Where Can I Buy Rice Paper?

Rice paper wrappers are available at most Asian markets around the world, and you can buy them from amazon as well, usually in the frozen section. Rice Paper is in a variety of sizes and brands, though the size that most people use is 8 1/2 inches in diameter. The wrappers come in bundles of 20 or so.

One way to tell if you are buying rice paper is by reading the ingredients list on the back of the package. If rice paper wrappers do not have any ingredients other than rice (some versions will have tapioca starch), water, and salt, then you can be sure that you are buying pure rice paper wrappers.

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How to Use Rice Paper?

In the east Asian region, it is widely used in several ways, from veggies wraps to salty rolls to salads; rice paper serves the foodies in several ways.

In the market, Rice paper is available in dried sheets. But before using rice paper sheets, you must re-hydrate them to make them pliable. Once the Rice paper sheet is re-hydrated, it can be eaten as summer or fried rolls.

To use rice paper wrappers for fresh summer rolls, simply submerge them into warm water for about 30 seconds until they soften and become pliable enough to roll without cracking or breaking.

For spring rolls, fill with your choice of raw or cooked ingredients and steam until hot or heat oil in a pan and fry until golden brown.

In the United States, rice paper is most often found in Vietnamese restaurants, where it’s used for making delicate appetizers, spring rolls, and dessert wraps.

Rice paper can be attached to itself to form wrappers or added to desserts for decoration. It can also be used as a food cover-up for cooking or freezing that doesn’t need to be removed before serving because it will dissolve when wet.

The best way to use rice paper is to carefully dip it into the water just long enough to soften the paper. Then gently remove the rice paper from the water, lay it on a flat surface, and pat dry with a towel or napkin.

How to Eat Rice Paper?

Rice paper is a thin, translucent wrapping used to make Vietnamese spring rolls (gỏi cuốn) and summer rolls — also called fresh spring rolls or salad rolls. They can be made with shrimp, pork, chicken, cooked squid, tofu, or imitation crab.

They’re easy to use. Just put one in a big bowl of warm water, let it sit for about 10 seconds until pliable, and then lay it on a clean cloth towel. You can make the filling while you wait.

One of the most common garnishes in Vietnamese cuisine, rice paper has a delicate flavor and is easy to eat. Rice paper is made from a batter of rice flour and water. The mixture is spread out thinly over a hot plate and cooked until it’s dry and opaque, almost like a crepe. You can find rice paper at Asian markets or online.

Rice paper is eaten as part of spring rolls, but you can also enjoy it as an appetizer or snack. It’s often eaten with shrimp paste, but feel free to try other dipping sauces as well.

How Is Rice Paper Made?

This simple-looking item has several types in different regions of the world. Rice Paper was previously made using the hands in the local markets and quite a challenging work, but now it’s almost completely made using machines.

Special treatment is given to the rice to make the grains flexible and soft to easily mashed in the desired way.

Then it is collected in a pot and placed on a sheet, and then it’s formed into a sheet form by the flat spoon-like wooden tool.

This circular sheet of rice is then quickly steamed for about 30 to 50 seconds, so it gets a nice texture.

These circular rice sheets are then carefully collected and stalked over other sheets. And these are then placed in sunlight for several hours, turning into a semi-hard paper called rice paper.

These are now ready to pack and sold in the market.

How To Cook Rice Paper Veggies Rolls In A Rice Cooker?

Veggies Rolls are the best option if you want to make snacks to enjoy on holiday with your partner. To add nutritional value and taste, you can add chicken, beef, or even fish slices to the rolls.

You can easily cook Veggies rolls in a rice cooker, and practice is a thing that will help you to improve the method by repeating it.


  • 2 Carrots
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 3 lattice leaves
  • Chicken cubes
  • 4 rice paper sheets
  • Tomato sauce
  • Soya sauce


  • First of all, cut the carrots, cucumbers, and lattice into fine pieces, and then add the chicken cubes.
  • Now dip the rice paper sheets in two water for about 1 minute until they start to become soft.
  • Place the sheets individually on a dish and add the veggies and chicken to the paper sheets separately.
  • Take the sheet and roll around the ingredients.
  • Roll the ingredients in the rice paper and now take 2 cups of cooking oil in the rice cooker and heat the oil so it starts to boil.
  • Add the rolls to the rice cooker where the oil is boiling; make them fry for about 5 minutes until they turn brown.
  • Take the cooked rolls out from the oil with a spatula and serve with the yummy sauces to your loved ones.

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Reading to this point, you have now seen the different aspects of the rice paper, how that is made, and how it can make your taste buds enlightened.

Rice paper is a valuable thing that contains different food items and can be eaten along with the food.

We would like you to do experiments with rice paper and keep surprising your family with different unique dishes made from rice paper.    

You will be glad to taste the flavorful meals made from it.