Rice Bran Oil Vs Olive Oil

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In this post, we will discuss the different aspects of olive oil and rice bran oil with you. As these two oils are widely used in cooking, to put the light on their qualities is something that you will like to know. Moreover, a health comparison of these two oils will also be discussed as a bonus

What Is Rice Bran Oil?

Rice Bran oil is extracted from the bran of rice grains and is predominantly used in many Asian cuisines.

Rice Bran oil is comparatively less in use than the other plant oils that are widely used in food making. It has the quality to enhance the aroma of the food cooked.

Indian cuisine is a perfect match for this oil. Rice Bran oil contains unsaturated fats that are best for diabetic persons because of their ability to control their blood sugar levels. Is there Arsenic in Rice Bran Oil.

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Rice Bran Oil?

Rice Bran oil has many nutrients that are essential for your health. Let’s see how it is good for you.

Improved Mouth Odor: Research has shown that using Rice Bran oil can improve your mouth’s odor and prevent bad breath.

Oil pulling is the name of the technique used to save the teeth; in this practice, oil is used as a mouth washer; you can learn it by research to reap the benefits.

Anticancer: Rice bran oil is an excellent choice to prevent cancer-causing factors.

Tocotrienols are from the family of antioxidants present in this oil and have the potential to stop the activity of cancer-causing cells.  

Anti-inflammatory:  Oryzanol is present in rice bran oil which helps reduce the inflammation in the blood vessels.

The inflammation can cause the supply of blood to be under pressure. This effect can cause heart issues in the long run.

So rice bran oil is a healthy choice for the prevention of cardiovascular issues.

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What Is Olive Oil?

Olive Oil is one of the most widely used plant oil on the planet. This oil is a significant part of the Mediterranean region.

Mono saturated fats are present in it, which are good for the body. Olive oil is extracted from the round fruits of olive trees by pressing and filtering the residual particles. 

Olives are also used in different salads, cuisines, and other foods, such as pickles, as a taste enhancer.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Olive Oil?

Olive oil is very light in taste and easy to digest with many beneficial ingredients. Let us check the health benefits of Olive Oil.

Improved metabolism: The olive oil has some amazing particles to cure Metabolic syndrome, which is a condition of malfunctioning metabolism. This condition causes heart issues and obesity to enter the body, but using olive oil in your diet will balance the food and have an active stomach.

Treating depression: A study shows that olive gives a soothing effect to the nervous system that results in the better functioning of motor neurons and kills depression and anxiety. 

Liver health: Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent tool to cure liver damage. Oleic acid is present in this oil that acts as a shield against inflammation ad stress on the liver, with control on insulin issues that may harm the liver.

Vitamins: Olive Oil has vitamin E and K act as a catalyst for different healthy activities in the body and help to improve the activities of different organs of your body.

Alzheimer’s Cure: Extra virgin olive oil is useful in stopping Alzheimer’s disease because it helps the functioning of brain cells to be better and safe.

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Rice Bran Oil vs Olive Oil:

Now we will make a healthy and multi-sided comparison of rice bran and olive oils.

Age of Rice Bran Oil and Olive Oil: 

Rice bran oil is more stable in this domain and can survive more time than olive oil; on the other hand, olive oil needs care and monitoring for its safety; otherwise, it can spoil, so its shelf life is less than rice bran oil.

Smoke Points:   Rice bran oil has a high smoke point (460 F) than olive oil (360 F). The smoking point is the limit at which the oil components start to break into vaporous form and result in smoke formation.

This is the reason rice bran oil is used in deep frying because it can resist high temperatures, while olive oil is more utilized on dressings for salads, steaks, pickles, etc.

But it doesn’t mean that olive oil can’t be used as cooking oil; almost all the Mediterranean regions use olive oil for cooking purposes. 

Olive oil is considered richer in healthy ingredients, and it’s also easy to digest than rice bra oil.


Olive oil has more good fats than rice bran oil, that’s why despite the fact that both oils have high calory value, olive oil is still considered more beneficial in terms of energy to nutrients ratio.

rice bran oil vs olive oil

Rice Bran Oil Vs Olive Oil, Which One Is The Best?

There is no such clear winner; in this case, it’s all about personal choice and the required nutrients.  Easter cultures used rice bran oil more frequently, while olive oil is in practice in the central part of the world; both have their pros.  Although sometimes rice bran oil usage requires medical advisory because of the possibility of arsenic traces in it.


Now you have read the whole post about these two oils and the comparison. We would like you to choose your personal favorite and experiment with the dishes.

Also, try both of these oils to get the best essential nutrients from these two oils.