What is Flash Rice Setting & It’s Importance?

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We all know that preparing rice is a time-consuming process as it requires adequate duration to properly heat them to become fluffy and tender for use. 

Maintaining their taste is also challenging sometimes when you need them in a hurry. All users prefer the rice maker to be the best in all aspects whether it’s taste preserving or evenly cooking the rice.

In order to cook the rice in less time the experts of Aroma Housewares developed a method ( Flash Rice) to cook the rice quickly.

There are many rice cooker types in the market, and the only models that will survive long term in it are those which will cater to most of, if not all, the requirements of the consumers.

what is flash rice setting

Time Taking Process:

Usually, the rice (white or brown) takes a while to get ready for eating, and this was a big issue for the office-going persons or students who usually need the quick preparation of the food in no time.

The market was saturated with the conventional rice cooker with standard rice cooking timing until the Aroma Housewares Corporation. has provided the solution for this problem.

Origin of Flash Rice Cooker:

Flash Rice method of fast cooking was introduced by Aroma a few years ago. It provided the flash button on the control panel of several models of Aroma Rice Cookers, such as Arc-914SBD and ARC-150SB etc.   

Aroma Arc-914SBD Flash Rice Cooker:

Aroma Arc-914SBD rice cooker is an amazing device by the Aroma. Multi cooking options of steaming and grain cooking are the strong points of this model.

Aroma Arc-914SBD can cook up to 8 cups of rice and steam the vegetable and meat for you simultaneously. It has multiple functions mentioned on the control panel.

All types of rice and grains like barley and quinoa are easy to cook in this rice cooker.

Aroma Flash Rice option is provided in it, which is a considerable time saving for the consumers who want the rice’s quick results. The inner pot is 5 layered nonstick coats that is food grade and non-toxic.

You can detach the inner pan for cleansing for the next cooking. Spatula and rice measuring cup are provided as accessories with it.

Aroma ARC-150SB Flash Rice Cooker:

Aroma ARC-150SB rice cooker is a versatile rice cooker is your perfect chef when you need a very quick turnaround Sushi rice or brown rice because it has a unique arsenal of properties.

Aroma ARC-150SB is a magic box for your kitchen ranging from slow cook to the steaming option and fast flash setting. Your order fulfills the requirements.

Slow cooking is provided in this model for tender rice texture and deep treatment off rice, which gives an incredible taste.

Aroma ARC-150SB rice cooker is in the league of programmable rice cookers that you can even forget about the monitoring after setting the food for cooking.

Aroma Flash rice preset is also given for the quick goers and working people that need the rice in a hurry with excellent texture and yummy taste.

The streaming option for the veggies and meat helps you bake them while rice meal is baked underneath the durable granite-made nonstick pot. So you enjoy healthy food with your family and friends.

How Does The Aroma Flash Rice Preset Change The Game?

This is a fact that as you increase the quantity of the rice, the more time, it will take to be cooked as the time for 1 cup rice is about 20 to 25 minutes while when you want to make 4 cups of rice, then time will increase to 40 to 45 minutes.

But the new flash technology in aroma rice cookers predominantly can accelerate the cooking process without affecting the quality of rice meals.

When you choose to flash rice mode, 1 cup of rice will be ready approximately in 15 to 16 minutes, and 4 cups of rice will be ready in roughly 30 minutes, so now tell me, what option you will choose for cooking now?


Please remember here the rice cup I mention is ¾ of the size of the standard US cup.

Some Important Things To Remind:

  • If you frequently open the lid during the cooking, it will deal with the process due to the rice cooker’s loss of heat and pressure, so please avoid opening the lid during the flash mode.
  • It is recommended to cook only the white rice in the flash rice mode because the brown rice may cause bubbling and splattering of water in flash mode.
  • The cooking time of flash mode is relative from place to place with a bit of variation due to different weather conditions, atmospheric pressure and moisture in the environment, so please take it into account.
  • Also, note that it is recommended to monitor the rice cooker carefully while opening the lid and saving your face because sometimes a lot of steam comes out when opening the rice cooker lid.
  • Always plug out the power cord after the cooking is done; it is safe for you and your loved ones.  
  • Always consult the guide booklet of the cooker before using it. This will save your time and effort in learning about electronic devices.
  • Be sure that babies/kids are away from the premises of the working rice cooker for safety purposes.

Some Tips To Improve Rice Cooking:

  • To avoid the sticky rice at the bottom of the pan, you can use a little butter or oil and add a little salt in the water; having the rice will preserve the best texture and taste of the rice after cooking.
  • To enhance the rich taste, you can add herbs, basil seed, and mint or coriander with a bit of cheese or butter in the rice; this will increase the fluff and made a mouthwatering dinner.
  • Rinsing the rice before cooking is vital; put the rice in a bowl of water and then rinse after few minutes, the starchy water should be poured out by tilting the bowl, so the wet rice remains in the bowl then use this rice to put in the cooker.
  • Rinsing the rice until the water becomes clean from any starch effect is recommended for an excellent textured meal.
  • A quick tip is that if you want to cook 1 cup rice, then 1.5 cups of water are excellent, and the same goes on for a more significant amount. But for clarity, always consult the proper method of different types of rice treatment.


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FAQS Related To Flash Rice:

Can You Use Cook Flash Rice In The Instant Pot?

You can easily cook flash rice or quick rice in the instant pot by following the simple rule of water to rice ratio ( 1:2 cups), so 2 cups of water for the 1 cup of rice is fine.

What Are Some Of Best Flash Rice Brands?

As there is a very good brand in the market that brings tough and healthy competition, here are some of the best quick/flash rice brands in the North American markets.

How Long Does Flash Rice Take? In How Many Minutes Does Flash Rice Cook On Average?

 Flash rice is the easiest to make rice that cooks for under 9 minutes. You can easily consume flash rice in breakfast if you are an office goer or a student. 

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My Advice:

In the light of personal view, if you are a student living in a dorm or an office-going worker with a need for a quick breakfast. You should try a flash rice cooker at least once so you can see its benefits.
This flash rice cooker is designed for quick meals and totally justifies its invention in this era of hustle. So let’s have a try and enjoy the quickest rice meal possible.


Reading to this point, you have learned several aspects of flash rice and flash rice cooker; I encourage you to try it and make some twists while experimenting with different ingredients. This rice meal will make you fall in love with flash rice.

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