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Sticky rice is a well-renowned type of rice in the East Asian region. This rice is very popular in China, Korea, Thailand and Japan etc.

The gluey texture of these rice and the excess of a starch type (amylopectin) presence give the name of sticky rice. There are two major variants of sticky rice: the short/medium grain and the other is the long grain sticky rice.

These are usually used in desserts or other sweet dishes because of their binding ability as a cake or different shapes that give the sweet words a nice look and easy to consume ability.

5 Best Sticky Rice Brands

This post will discuss the best sticky rice brands for you, so it will be super easy for you to choose the best one for your meal.

1. Annie Chun's Cooked White Sticky Rice:

The brand is famous for its Asian food products that have made their place in the market for a while. They bring the best of the processed and ready to cook Asian meals for you under their banner.

Annie Chun’s Cooked White Sticky Rice is gluten-free rice is the perfect choice for you if you want a quick meal. It is available in a 0.46 Pounds pack, and you can cook it in under 2 -4 minutes.

It is a totally organic product with no artificial additives in it. So if you are a student living in a hostel, a job going person or a traveller going to the wild, this rice pack is a gift for you.


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2. Bibigo Restaurant-Style Cooked Sticky White Rice:

Bibigo Restaurant-Style Cooked Sticky White Rice brand is the maker of the best Korean food products, and especially the sauces are its reason of fame. The word comes from Korean, and the meaning is ‘Mix’ and combined with Go.

The brand’s central theme is to create a sustaining harmony among different ingredients, keeping that in the vision; the company presents this sticky rice, which comes in excellent but straightforward packing for quick usage.

The restaurant-style medium-grain sticky rice taste well when you make it and comes in a batch of 10 packs for you.

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3. Three Rings Thai Sweet Sticky Rice, 160 Ounce):

If you want to buy a mega pack of sticky rice for your family, Three Rings Thai Sweet Sticky Rice brand is for you. It comes in a packing of 4.6 kg and is full of proteins and gluten as its origin is in Thailand.

You can make the perfect rice cakes and other sweet and sour dishes of rice as the grain of this rice is of the required texture and medium-sized.

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4. Sticky Rice Long Grain | Pearl Rice 16 oz:

This long-grain sticky rice has its origin in California, where it is carefully harvested and packed with the state of the art techniques that retain its freshness, and you will experience the nostalgic aroma of sticky rice from the Asian homeland.

These are a little more of the pricy type but totally justifies the price. In addition, this rice comes with a money-back guarantee if not like it.

This long-grain rice is perfect to use in several rice dishes, either salty or sweet & sour. You can also make sushi and use them in dumplings for sure.

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5. Rom America Brown Sweet Sticky Rice:

Rom America Brown Sweet Rice Sticky Rice brand are the best to use in desserts and Korean cuisines. However, the company is known for its excellent Korean food products such as pickles, dried veggies and other healthy grains.

Trust is the crucial factor when it comes to customer care. The brand centred upon the customer health and food experience. They packed the rice with fully preserved natural ingredients.

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What Are The Best Sticky Rice Brands?

As the above sticky rice brands have a lot of valuable features, each of them deserves its own rank based upon the features it possesses.

In our opinion, it’s a fair tie between the 2 of them (Bibigo Restaurant-Style Cooked Sticky White Rice & Annie Chun’s Cooked White Sticky Rice). This is based on the fact that these are versatile and can be used in several ways and taste is fantastic.

The other rice brands are also good, and you can also give them a try.

best sticky rice brands

Can We Cook Sticky Rice On The Stove?

Yes, you can simply cook them on the stove if you like.

  • Take a cup of sticky rice and 1.5-2 cups of water in the wok/pot and place them on the burning stove.
  • Add a little salt and butter to the pot and maintain the medium flame until the water starts boiling. Then lowers the flame at a constant level.
  • Now notice when all the water is absorbed in rice and no excessive water is left behind, now stir the rice a little and heat for about 2 -4 minutes; you can now serve the rice to your friends and family with sauces or other food items.

You can also cook sticky rice on rice cooker check our detail article on how to cook and store sticky rice?

Checkout The Following 3 Best Stove:


By reading to this point, you are now aware of the different sticky rice brands, and some of them are just amazing.

Let’s enjoy the delicious sticky rice and have the health benefits from the energy-rich ingredients that are present in it.


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