How To Reheat Sticky Rice?

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What Is Leftover Rice and How To Store Sticky Rice?

If you cooked a little more rice than your need, you could always store it for next time use. Either you can keep them in a rice cooker or place them in the fridge for safety.

Leftover rice can save your time and money by coming to your table at the next mealtime.   To use them, we have to reheat them, so that makes them unable to be served.

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4 Different Method To Store Cooked Sticky Rice:

There are many methods to store leftover sticky rice; some of them are following. These methods will give you the ideas to store cooked rice.

  1. Reheat Sticky Rice
  2. Store leftover Sticky rice in a rice cooker
  3. Freezing the sticky rice
  4. Steaming on the stove

Believe us, these 4 methods will be proved very helpful and can save the day for you like a kitchen hack. You can always use them depending upon your convenience. 

1. Can Sticky Rice Be Reheated? How To Reheat Sticky Rice?

Yes you can reheat the leftover sticky rice in rice cooker, stove and microwave. How you can reheat sticky rice. I answered this question in detail below.

If leftover sticky rice not tackle properly, the taste spoils, and eventually the mood . Even more disturbing is to throw the sticky rice plate into the awful garbage. After the inappropriate heating, the rice may be hardened and dried. But if you follow the right way to reheat the leftover sticky rice, it will be worth saving the sticky rice leftovers for next time use.

Below are the main methods you can use in your house to reheat the leftover sticky rice.

How to reheat sticky rice

How To Reheat Sticky Rice On Stove?

You can stir fry the sticky rice leftovers on the stove in a pan, which will be awesome and will also add taste to it. Many methods of stir-frying are there; you can follow any of them but for the simplest way to follow, just place the sticky rice in the frying pan.

Take a little oil in the pan, heat it to the boiling point, place a little salt in the oil, and place the sticky rice leftovers in the pan.

Now stir the rice by the rice paddle; the sticky rice will be easily fried due to slat that helps the process; you can add different spices, veggies, and sauces to enhance the taste and the value addition is the thing you will enjoy a lot.

Fry leftover sticky rice for 4 to 6 minutes the fresh rice meal is ready for you; this method is proved to be the best way to make rice usable again.

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How To Reheat Sticky Rice In Microwave?

If you have a microwave, then it will be very helpful in the process of reheating sticky rice. It’s a slightly tricky way to use this device for reheating leftover sticky rice properly.

Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of water or oil for every cup of the sticky rice leftovers. You can also use lamb meat or chicken broth as a liquid to add the taste to the rice.

Now cover the rice bowl with a lid or plastic paper before placing it in the microwave and select the heating option with a timer set to 3 or 4 minutes.

This method will work quickly for you and can be mastered with practice, and you will never bother to dump the sticky rice leftovers again.

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How To Reheat Sticky Rice In Rice Cooker?

Many modern-day rice cookers have reheating ability that’s great and time-saving. Just place the leftover sticky rice in the cooking pot with a little oil or water sprinkled on rice and set the option, and it will quickly do the job done.

You can use a rice cooker to easily reheat the sticky rice and simply place the leftover sticky rice in the cooker and the cooker for 5 to 7 minutes and your rice will be ready to consume. Please note that the amount of time can be varied according to the amount of sticky rice.

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2. How To Store Sticky Rice In Rice Cooker?

So basically this method is for those people who want to store the sticky rice for 4 to 6 hours normally for the next meal. The modern rice cookers are normally equipped with the keep warm feature.

This feature allows the sticky rice to be fresh and fluffy for a couple of hours, some rice cookers can even   keep warm the rice for up to 24 hours but that’s not advisable because there is a chance that rice loose the moisture and becomes stale that can also create stomach issue.

Use this method for the medium range of hours that’s okay for the students and office workers who need quick meals before leaving their place.

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3. Can You Freeze Sticky Rice?

This method is basically for the person who likes to store the sticky rice for few days and this goes well for the large amount of the rice cooked.

Freezing the sticky rice can store the moisture for long duration by freezing the water content of rice and you can always make the rice ready to use in fresh state by simply reheating them. It is advisable to not exceeds the limits of 7-9 days of the freezing that can cause the fungus growth in the rice and turning them to potentially toxic materials.

So that’s why please get the ample research before doing this method to store your leftover rice and then it’s ok to use them.

4. How To Steam Leftover Rice On Stove?

  • Take a pan, add a little olive oil or butter, place it on a low flame stove, and add the leftover sticky rice in the pan.
  • Now cover the lid to attain the steaming effect, and this will make the rice ready to use in about 5 to 8 minutes.

It’s a quick fix for the students and job-going people and is relatively used by the working class more.

How To Reheat Chinese Sticky Rice?

Please make sure that these rice leftovers are not more than 1-2 days old. You can easily reheat them in the rice cooker and also over or stove make sure to add 2tsp of water for every cup of rice to heat.  

It will normally take 5 to 6 min depending on the portion of sticky rice leftovers to reheat and ready to be consumed.

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