What is Pop Rice? Can You Pop Rice Like Popcorn?

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Can You Pop Rice Like Popcorn?

Everyone loves the popcorn, whether enjoying a movie or on a rainy day with family. The question that can come to mind is that, Can you pop rice like popcorn? 

Luckily it’s possible to do that. Rice can pop too, and this will give you a unique experience of a new snack. It’s also a very healthy snack and comparable to Popcorns.

can you pop rice like popcorn

What Is Pop Rice?

All the rice can be treated to make pop rice, but keep in mind that different rice types respond differently when treated by this process.

It’s because of the grain size and moisture levels, plus the age of the grain. Some of the rice expand in a puffy volume, and rounded shapes while some rice remains the same in the appearance but still becomes very crunchy in texture.

The pop rice is considered a whole fledge snack that can entertain you and your loved ones. But if you think it is only a snack, think again because it’s more than that.

The pop rice can also be used as a sidekick for the main course meals and serves as the protein-rich crunchy toppings of a healthy salad.

You can also sprinkle Pop Rice on the pasta, noodles, and lazania to add the taste and texture with the addition of salty touch.

It is easy to make the pop rice compared to the Popcorns because sometimes it doesn’t even require the pan covering with a lid or the oil to prepare them.

what is pop rice

Why Does Rice Pop?

The reason is the same as for the Popcorns, and the grains contain some water content or moisture in the core; when heated, it tends to go outside the grain by converting into the vapor form; this makes the grain pop have a puffy structure.

That’s why dry rice rarely pops out due to little moisture in them, while freshly harvested rice quickly pops due to moisture in the grains.

What is Puffed Rice?

If the fresh rice is treated on the stove, they usually puffed into the gain structure and is referred to as Puffed Rice.

In the South Asian region, the consumption of the puffed rice is common in various forms and is usually easily found as a street snack by vendors.

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Health Benefits of Pop Rice:

  • Pop Rice is high carb snacks and provides you with the energy for the daily routine.
  • The fiber content improves the immune system and metabolism very much.
  • Pop Rice also has calcium, iron, vitamins, and other essential minerals that help the body function effectively.
  • These ingredients help to grow the bones and strengthen the teeth by normalizing your body’s blood pressure.
  • Vitamins help to improve the natural immunity of the body, and if prepared without oil it significantly helps to control the weight.

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How To Make The Pop Rice?

As mentioned above, there is plenty of rice types that can be made into pop rice. We recommend you mix different rice types while making the pop rice that will add the variety and flavors combined in one place to treat your taste buds very amazingly. 

You can add brown rice, millet, wheat grains etc. if these all grains are freshly harvested, and it’s even better due to the presence of moisture in them. They will clearly pop into a puffed state make your mouth watery.



  • Take 2 spoons of cooking oil in a deep pan, and make it hot on the stove, then half cup of rice should be added to it, and heat the system more so the rice starts to cook from inside and starts popping.
  • When the rice starts to pop, then remove the pan from the stove, and with the spatula or pebble, take the price out of the pan to remove the oil from it.
  • Now you can serve the rice as these are ready to consume.
  • If you want to make pop rice without oil, then place the pan on the stove, and just heat it more till the point of smoking, then add the rice in it without covering from the top.
  • The rice will start to pop in less than 2 minutes and be ready to eat; just remove the pan, and enjoy the delicious pop rice. You can add a little butter or salt according to your taste preferences.

You can always experiment with the addition of different grains to rice. You can add the popping rice on top of different things, i.e. salads, cake, soups, pasta, stews, desserts, etc. This will expand the door of possibilities for your taste journey.

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The pop rice or should I say Popcorn rice is an amazing thing to try as a snack. It’s full of taste and health benefits, and we recommend you to at least give it a try.

So enjoy your puffed rice with a smile on your face as smiling costs nothing but is very rewarding for your health and satisfaction.

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