What Are Oat Groats & How To Cook Oat Groats In Rice Cooker?

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Oats are famous for making a perfect breakfast that is full of energy. It makes you supercharged throughout the day.

Oats are available in different types having many sizes, textures, and flavors, e.g., oat bran, oat groats, and instant oats. Each of them has its own benefits and nutritional index.

Today we are specifically talking about the oat groats and their benefits with the cooking process in a rice cooker.

What Are Oat Groats?

The type of oats that are hulled kernels of cereals and fall into the category of husked grains are the most healthy form of oats and are called ‘groats’ in Scottish culture.

Endosperm and germ are intact in it, and the natural fiber covering of it is full of beneficial ingredients required for the betterment of the human body. They are also known as Whole Oat Groats.

The milling of groats results in removing the outer hull of the grains for refining texture, and it is considered the best diet for athletes and health-conscious people.

what are oat groats

Oat Groats As Vibrant Breakfast/Lunch:

The Oat groats are super yummy and great in texture, and they also have a pleasant aroma that captures your attention in no time.      

If you want to use plain oats, it’s okay, but if you’re going to see the magic of oats for real, you just need to level up the game by adding toping variants. It will not only enhance the flavor of the meal but also elevate its nutritional value.

You can add different fruits, berries, and honey as the toppings, giving you the best experience.

Best Oat Groats Brands:

Nutritional Side Of Oat Groats:

The husk of oats is an excellent source of fiber that provides help to grow bones and muscle strength. It is considered one of the cheapest and healthiest meals in order to improve health.

You will be amazed at how nutritious this grain is after knowing its index of elements. According to research, 46 grams serving of oat groats include  31g of carbohydrates required for your routine’s daily energy requirements.  

Proteins are nearly 6 grams and also helps to boost your energy levels; small amounts of iron, potassium, and calcium also exist, which helps strengthen the body’s immune system and guard your body’s metabolic system. 

More than 200 Calories are also in this serving size of oat groats. It is also an adequate diet for diabetic type2 patients as they have a negligible amount of cholesterol in them.

Different vitamins like B and E are in oat groats essential for your body growth and helps brain cells to work better.

If you are sensitive to a particular type of protein names Avenin, consult a nutritionist before consuming the oat groats because it has some amount of Avenin in them.

Can We Cook Oat Groats In A Rice Cooker?

The answer to this question is certainly yes, as the rice cookers of the modern-day are so advanced and are equipped with the latest tech.

They have several different cooking modes, from steaming to sauté to slow cooking. All of these abilities make a rice cooker worthy of cooking the oat groats.

Groats are not a quick meal and take a reasonable time for cooking, and please take that into account, but no problem.

You can try them once in a while according to your schedule or time availability, as these oats’ nutritional benefits are high.

How To Cook Oat Groats In Rice Cooker?

For the best creamy texture and excellent taste, it is recommended to

  • Soak the groats in water for the whole night or 3 to 4 hours minimum before cooking.
  • Then pour out the water and rinse them and place them in the pot of rice cooker.
  • Take 1 cup of groats and adds about 1 or 1.5 cups of water or milk-based of your choice.
  • Set the timmer for about 1 hour ( or less), which is the average time for them, or consult a cooking guidebook that will give you a clear perspective.
  • When it is done, you can add different ingredients such as berries, dry fruits, and honey as toppings, enhancing the taste by flavoring your meal.
cook oat groats in rice cooker

Best Rice Cooker For Oat Groats:

Want to learn more about the various rice cookers.

Steel-Cut Oats VS Oat Groats Which One Is Better?

Different variants of oats have slightly different qualities, tastes, and benefits, etc. They are very creamy and semi-sweet when appropriately cooked.

The steel cut oats are the ones that are cut into parts by steel cutters, and this makes them super fast in cooking. They have nearly the same taste as the groats.

On the other hand, the oat groats take slightly more time than the steel-cut oats because their kernels are not broken and take more heat to be cooked properly.

These oats are nearly equal in taste and health side but with a difference in looks and cooking time.

Steel Cut Oats VS Oat Groats


We have discussed some benefits and information about these groats in detail, so you can know the importance of these grains.

These creamy oats are a good way to boost your energy requirements and a buttery taste at the same time. We recommend you to try these oats after regular time periods and read more about it to get a clearer perspective.

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