Sweet Rice Flour Vs White Rice Flour, What’s the difference?

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In the southeast Asian region, white rice flour and sweet rice flour are commonly used in foods. Some people want gluten-free flour as gluten is common in wheat flour, so these two rice flours are pretty helpful in this case.

Sweet rice flour and white rice flour are used in dumplings, soups, noodles, stews, etc., and enhance the meals’ thickness, taste, and texture for good. 

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What Is Sweet Rice Flour? Is Sweet Rice And Glutinous Rice The Same?

Sweet rice is the common name for glutinous rice. It is made from glutinous rice milling and then a fine powder from it. Sweet rice flour is usually made from short-grain rice, and sometimes a mixture of cooked rice powder is also used in its making. 

Sweet rice flour is much starchy in texture because it’s made from short-grain rice. Please note that although it’s gluten-free too, its glue-like properties have given its name glutinous rice. It is also known as sticky rice flour in some places of Asia.

Its taste is not like sugar-sweet or anything like dessert, but it is only famous for sweet rice. Sweet rice flour jello-like texture makes it a perfect choice to be used in puddings, desserts, and cakes for good texture.

You will find many variants of sweet rice in the market, such as Korean, Thai, Japanese, Filipino, etc.

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What Is White Rice Flour?

White rice flour is made by grinding the long/medium grain rice into a fine powdered form. This rice flour is gluten-free and used to give a thick texture to the meals.

Sometimes, it is mild in taste, and the color is paper white; it’s mixed with brown rice flour to increase the taste and add a more strong texture.

Brown rice flour is considered a little healthier in nutrients than its white counterpart.   

Is White Rice Flour Gluten Free?

Yes, it is; over the past few years, it is becoming very popular in the western world, where people now want a gluten-free diet and look for wheat flour substitutes.

The white rice flour comes as a popular substitute for it, and if you need it to make dough from it that is as soft as the wheat flour, add a little potato starch in it and get the desired texture and elasticity of the dough.

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Sweet Rice Flour Vs White Rice Flour:

As both of these are made from rice, there are a number of things that are different in these two flours.

  • White Rice flour is made from long or medium-grain rice, while sweet rice flour is a product from short-grain rice.
  • Sweet rice flour is more starchy in nature and thus acts as a binding agent in sweet dishes.
  • Sweet rice flour is chewier in texture and the best choice for desserts too.
  • You can add potato extracted starch in rice flour to make it more soft and plain when used as a wheat flour substitute.
  • Both of these have the same weight ratio and plain neutral taste before cooking.
  • Both of these flours are gluten-free in nature.
Sweet Rice Flour Vs White Rice Flour

Sweet rice flour vs white rice flour: Nutritional Index Comparison:

Both of these rice flours have different nutritional indexes due to the milling processes they go through.

The portion size here is 100g for each rice flour.

  • Calories are almost the same (<370Kcal) in both rice flours.
  • Sweet rice flour is virtually fat-free, and the other one has 1g to 2g of fats.
  • Proteins are nearly 7g in both of these.
  • Calcium and iron are mainly present in rice flour, and sweet rice flour has a negligible amount of these metals.
  • Sweet rice also lacks fiber, while rice flour has about 2.5g of fiber in it.

What Can I Substitute For White Rice Flour?

Here are 4 Best Substitutes to white rice flour that can help you make the best meal when it’s not available.

  • Almond Flour
  • Sorghum flour
  • Potato starch
  • Corn Starch

Some of these are best as a thickening agent, and some are also good for baking purposes; almost all of them are gluten-free and can be sent easily as a substitute.

What Can I Substitute For Sweet Rice Flour?

Here are 4 Best Substitutes to Sweet Rice Flour that can help you make the best meal when it’s not available.

  • Tapioca flour.
  • Potato starch
  • Arrowroot Powder
  • Cornflour

Can We Replace Sweet Rice Flour With Sugar?

No, it’s a misconception that sweet rice flour is sugary in taste. Actually, its glue-like quality gives it the name glutinous rice flour, and it has become famous with the name of sweet rice flour.


You have now learned the core details of both of these rice flours and their usage in meal making. We encourage you to try both of these rice flour to enjoy the taste and try new dishes in your kitchen.