What Is The Best Yellow Rice Brand

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What Is The Best Yellow Rice Brand? 4 Best Yellow Rice Brand To Enjoy With Family:

We have known the different rice varieties in our meals and enjoyed them a lot, but have you noticed the yellow rice on the table sometimes when you are having the Spanish dinners? (having Spanish cuisines)

Probably it comes to your mind does the yellow rice actually exists. The answer is Nope, and these are the same white rice in everyday use in the real world.

The yellow colour is related to the use of saffron and other spices such as turmeric, which acts as a yellow agent for rice.

Yellow rice is now a prevalent type of rice meal in the United States, Canada, and even the United Kingdom also has its fair share of yellow rice love.

What Is The Best Yellow Rice Brand

What Is Yellow Rice?

So the long-grain white rice is treated with turmeric or saffron, acting as a yellow agent. Yellow rice is used in various rice dishes in different cultures, and each community consumes it in different ways in a versatile manner.

Yellow rice is most popular in the Mediterranean region of Africa and Europe, which is also referred to as the world’s gourmet. 

Morocco, Spain and Tunis are the key places in this region with yellow rice in their cuisines. Other nations such as Iran, the Levant region and south-east Asian countries have their own yellow rice versions.  

The taste of yellow rice heavily depends upon the spice balance and the other ingredients of the rice meal.

what is yellow rice

How To Make Yellow Rice?

If yellow is your colour and you love rice too, then it will be the most satisfying dish for your aesthetic self, and if you cook the rice with properly balanced ingredients and spice combo, then your taste buds will thank your choice meal.

You have two options to make yellow rice for yourself, and one is to blend the rice and add the spices while cooking them.

The second option is to take the processed yellow rice made by rice brands in the supermarket and make your yellow rice meal from it.

Saffron is a Persian origin spice, and turmeric has Indian origin; according to food experts, both can be used as a rice’s colour agent. 

Annatto is also used to do the same. Still, due to its limited availability, it is relatively less used as a colouring agent in some Asian and Latin American countries like Brazil, Mexico, Peru, etc.   

Now take a look at the few simple steps.

  • First, wash the rice and rinse to remove the starch in rice, lightly fry the onions to the brown and then add the rice.
  • Add the saffron, turmeric and other spices in it and sauté the mixture.
  • Add a little salt and pepper and stir fry the mixture for 3 to 4 minutes at low flame.
  • Sprinkle some olive oil on the rice that turns yellow and serve the guests with yogurt or any other sauce.
  • You can always try new ways of cooking yellow rice as a new experience, and for that, you can consult a cookbook.

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Best Yellow Rice Brands:

Although you can make the yellow rice by yourself, treating the white rice with the above-mentioned spices, if you find it a little time-consuming or tricky, luckily, I got you covered here.

Here are some of the best yellow rice brands in the world, you can always try them for your favourite rice dishes.

1. Goya Yellow Rice

Goya is the largest Hispanic food brand in US and Canada; it was founded in the 1930s and now serves more than 200 organic products to its customer base. GOYA yellow rice is perfect if you like to cook Spanish rice.

This rice has now attained a level of cult classic food. The onion and garlic aroma in this rice makes you love it and can be cooked with chicken and veggies, and other spices will enhance its flavor.

I recommend you make yellow rice biryani using Goya Rice at least once and thank us later for your advice.


2. Vigo Yellow Rice

Vigo Yellow Rice is a fantastic brand is very popular nowadays and provides organically processed yellow rice, and you can cook that in just a few simple steps.

Saffron treated rice are Ok for any person who loves rice and is loaded with carbs and proteins.

If you want to manage weight, you can try this.

Its taste is delicious, and you will enjoy it a lot.

3. Par Excellence Producers Yellow Rice

Par Excellence Producers Yellow Rice is amongst the most popular yellow rice brand in the market and craved its mark in processed rice.

You can make any yellow rice cuisine from this, whether it’s biryani or paella.

Please read the instructions on the packing so you can know the essential info related to it before the cooking.

4. Iberia Yellow Rice

Iberia Yellow Rice brand used yellow parboiled rice in the packing, and It cooks into a fluffy textured and yummy in flavour.

Perfect for Spanish rice and prepared with organic ingredients, it is free from any synthetic components.

Gluten-free rice is the best for your table, and each person in the family can enjoy it.


Some Of The Best Rice Cooker For Yellow Rice:

Want to learn more about the various rice cookers.

My Advice:

It totally depends on your personal preference and choice to choose the best for you. But i personally like Goya Yellow Rice. You may like Iberia Yellow Rice more than the Par Excellence rice, vice versa, or maybe the third or fourth option mentioned.

But please remember to read the details of the ingredients on packing because if any person is allergic to any of the ingredients, you can prevent any issues beforehand. It might take 3 attempts for you to reach the perfect yellow rice brand for you.

FAQs Related To Yellow Rice:

Is Saffron Rice The Same As Yellow Rice?

You can say that, but not all yellow rice brands use saffron to color the rice. Turmeric is commonly used to color rice in yellow because of the less price of turmeric; on the other hand, saffron is an expensive ingredient, so it was widely used in the past, but now brands have more options to make yellow rice.

What Are Some Benefits Of Yellow Rice?

Yellow rice is a good source of carbs and proteins. Many beneficial vitamins are present in it, and essential metals like iron and magnesium are also in considerable amounts. Overall you will get a good package of nutrients by consuming yellow rice.  

Can Diabetics Eat Yellow Rice?

It’s a little subjective and depends on the stage of diabetes, but usually, a diabetic person can enjoy yellow rice in small portions with the advice of a personal nutritionist/doctor. 

Is Yellow Rice Gluten-Free?

It’s primarily gluten-free, and you can further confirm it before purchasing by reading the cover. This will help you to decide which is the best gluten-free yellow rice brand.

Can We Make Sushi From Yellow Rice?

The sushi is generally made from short-grain Japanese rice that is special in the sense that that rice can bond together to make sushi rolls.

Yellow rice is not a sort of grain rice, and it’s not suitable to make sushi rolls, and that’s why yellow rice is not a good match for sushi making.

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Can We Make Biryani From Yellow Rice?

Biryani is on top of the list, this south Asian rice dish is a wonder in itself, and it is now widespread across the globe, and many other cultures have now their own variants. This royal dish uses yellow rice as the vital element, and you can guess the dish name by just seeing it.

Yellow basmati rice is the perfect suit for making biryani. Their default color is yellow, which will also save yellow coloring agents and make a delicious and mouthwatering biryani.

Can We Make Spanish Rice From Yellow Rice?

Spanish rice making is a lot of fun as the dish is versatile and tasty. Here comes a little technical point that it’s mostly made from medium or long-grain white rice.

But if you love the Spanish yellow rice combo, you are most welcome to make it. This yummy experiment will boost your cooking confidence and entertain you and your family to the best as the veggies and spices alongside the yellow rice are such a magical treat.  

Can We Make Paella From Yellow Rice?

Paella is a particular component of Spanish cuisine, and it is known as the symbol of Spanish food in the world.Latin American countries that have a Spanish influence in their cultures have adapted this dish and developed their versions of paella.

Can We Make Risotto & Jambalaya From Yellow Rice?

Risotto and Jambalaya also have yellow rice as a critical component, and these can also be made from simple white rice depending upon choice.


As for the best yellow rice brand, I think there is a tie between Iberia Yellow Rice and Par Excellence rice because they have the best taste, fantastic consumer reviews and freedom of cooking.

That means you can cook them flexible as you want, whether it’s eastern cuisines or western ones.

So I suggest you choose with your own choice by proper reviewing them on the online marketplaces and note the consumer reviews for clarity.


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