What Is Joshinko Rice Flour?

What Is Joshinko Rice Flour?

Joshinko Rice Flour is a type of flour made from unmilled or partly milled Joshinko rice. It is whole grain flour that contains the entire grain – the endosperm, bran, and germ. It has a more mild flavor than traditional wheat flours used for pasta and baked goods. It is gluten free. Many people believe that it provides a more authentic taste when making products like udon noodles, soba noodles, and tempura.

Joshinko rice flour is a medium-grain glutinous (sticky) Japanese rice. It is different than “Chinese sweet rice”, which is often sold as “glutinous rice” at groceries.

Joshinko is a high sticky rice meaning it is less processed than regular white rice. It contains higher levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals than its highly polished cousin, as well as more resistant starch to fuel good bacteria in the gut. White rice has been a staple of many diets around the world for centuries. Joshinko is often ground into a fine flour used in all types of dishes from sweets to dumplings

What is joshinko rice flour

Is Joshinko The Same As Rice Flour?

Joshinko is one of the gluten-free rice flour; the other rice flours made from glutinous rice are slightly different from Joshinko.

There are several types of flours in the rice domain depending upon the grain size and colors etc. Sticky rice flour is slightly different from simple white rice flour.

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Benefits Of Joshinko Rice Flour

Joshinko rice flour is used in traditional Japanese cuisine, such as Kashiwa mochi, Tempura, skewer dumplings, moon dumplings, etc. Joshinko. It is used when you need a distinct texture. Joshinko flour is used in the confectionery industry, the high quality of this flour is due to its high protein content made from short-grain rice. Joshinko rice flour is considered excellent for rice cakes, quick pickles, pastries and bread

Where To Buy Joshinko Rice Flour?

Joshinko rice flour is easily available in a local Japanese store, and if you live in Europe or America, you can find the different variants of it on Amazon. You can check the best brands by clicking.

How To Make Tempura With Joshinko Rice Flour?

Tempura is fried seafood coated with rice flour and treated with shredded veggies and meat slices of chicken. You can make the Tempura by following the method.

  • Shrimps are washed and covered with the paste of Joshinko rice flour, and spices are added to the flour to enhance the taste.
  • Now warm the cooking oil in the pan above the stovetop.
  • Put the shredded veggies and meat slices in the oil with the shrimps and fry it for about 5 to7 minutes depending upon the frying limit by looking the better at the crust.
  • After the cooking, serve with tomato sauce or any sauce of your choice.
  • This is a tasty and light dish introduced in Japan by the Portuguese explorers of Japan in the 16th century.
  • It was then perfected to its modern-day form when it was adopted and evolved by the Japanese, and they made it a whole new thing with the uses of local seafood and traditional sauces.

In the 18th century, the Tempura became a high-class delicacy that was enjoyed mainly by the elite class.

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Is There Any Joshinko Flour Substitute?

Yes, there are some other options available, but they mostly contain glutinous rice. Shiratamako is a prime example of a substitute.

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If you don’t live in Japan or don’t have any Japanese martin in your area, Mochiko is the nearest to Joshinko as it is also gluten-free and taste resembles too.

Mochiko is relatively more available in American supermarkets as compared to Joshinko, and it has its own Fan club.

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Is Joshinko Rice Flour Good For Diabetics?

As it’s gluten-free, so apparently, it can be consumed by diabetic persons, but for extra safety, you should read all the ingredients on the packing to make sure that all components are safe for you.

Rice which are good for diabetes?

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Joshinko rice flour is discussed in detail, and we have learned about different applications of this rice flour.  Let’s give it a try and make delicious foods from it and challenge your creative mind. Cheers!

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