What Is Brown Rice Pasta? Is It Healthy?

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What Is Pasta?

Pasta is the trademark food of Italy, and it’s famous for its yummy flavor and smooth texture. Sauces add more charm to the pasta with a spicy tone.

Pasta is generally made from the dough of grains but can also be made from other flours such as legumes and rice, etc.

Traditionally it is made from hands and simple machines. Still, for commercial purposes, now it’s made from large-scale production units to meet the supply line active in the supermarkets.

Pasta comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes and is loved in all kinds, and the variety it offers is the strength of this fantastic food.

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What Is Brown Rice Pasta?

As we discussed that pasta can be made from different types of flour. Brown rice flour can also be used to make the pasta named ‘Brown Rice Pasta,’ which is very tasty, healthy, and rich in nutrients present in the brown rice and gives you various health benefits.

what is brown rice pasta

Is Brown Rice Pasta Healthy?

Yes, of course, it is, as it is made from the dried flower of the brown rice preserved and safe from moisture that may spoil it.

When it is converted into the brown rice pasta form, it possesses the same healthy ingredients as it has in the brown rice form. So it is equally beneficial in the pasta form too.

is brown rice Pasta healhty

Benefits Of Brown Rice Pasta:

Brown Rice Pasta has almost all the pluses of the brown rice and with a tasty twist.

Iron Supply:

Brown Rice Pasta has a sizeable amount of iron component in it. Iron makes it super easy to circulate the oxygen in the body cells, and when the cells get it in sufficient amounts, they can function better, and the body feels active.

Without the proper supply of iron, a person can be dizzy, lazy, and unmotivated, so iron supply keeps you supercharged to perform the daily works of your life.  

This pasta provides nearly 9 % of the daily iron need per serving. So it is perfect for the kids and females to cover their iron needs.

Calories Bank:

Brown Rice Pasta is full of calories which are essential packs of energy for your body. Calories act as the battery for you, so the higher you charged, the more frequency of works you can do.

This pasta has about more than 185 calories preserving which is excellent for you. So it roughly constitutes 10% of the daily supply of calories. The other pasta of grains is also rich in calories like this.


Brown Rice Pasta is a high-carb food, and most of the calories provided by this pasta consist of carbohydrates. These are the sugar molecules in the form of glucose and provide energy to the whole body.

Per serving provides nearly 41 grams of carbs roughly equal to the other grains besides the brown rice.

Is Brown Rice Pasta Good For Weight Loss?

Brown Rice Pasta has about a tiny amount of fats (3g), primarily unsaturated fats with traces of saturated fats that can cause the cardiac issue and thicken the blood vessels.

This pasta has good fats that do not make the cholesterol and thus preventing the heart from many potential diseases and helpful for weight loss.

Is Brown Rice Pasta Gluten Free?

Yes, Brown Rice Pasta is gluten free so the people having issues with gluten will find it very helpful to consume this brown rice pasta. The gluten-free pasta resembles the other simple pasta in taste, so this one fulfills the cravings.

Other Benefits Of Brown Rice Pasta:

Some of the other benefits of Brown Rice Pasta are below 

  • It helps to boost the immunity
  • The fiber content helps to improve metabolism.
  • It makes your tummy fulfilled after the meal; you never face the feeling of emptiness after the pasta.

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How To Cook Brown Rice Pasta?

It follows the same cooking process as most of the other pasta types have. As this is gluten-free so a few modifications can improve the process with a margin.

There are 2 methods of cooking Brown Rice Pasta.

  • Common Stove Method
  • Rice Cooker Method

How to Cook Brown Rice Pasta In Common Stove?

Take a pot and half fill it with water, place it on the burning stove, so the water reaches its boiling level.

Add the pasta to water, continue stirring to prevent it from getting mushy, and add a little salt and oil.

Cooking the pasta for few minutes depending upon the time indicated on the brand packet of the pasta.

After that time, take the pasta out and add the spices and sauces to it to prevent the sticky starch from spoiling its texture.

Now mix it gently and serve with the side dishes and sauces. 

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How To Cook Brown Rice Pasta In Rice Cooker?

Yes, you can cook Brown Rice Pasta in rice cooker as the modern rice cookers are super effective and versatile, they have a special setting for the brown rice, so these can quickly cook the brown rice pasta too, due to the resemblance of both.

So the cooking is made easy with the rice cooker. For cooking ½ lb pasta, take 5 cups of water in the pot and make it boil in it.

Add the onions, veggies, and meat slices to the boiling water and add some salt and olive oil to it.

Then add the pasta to it. ( note meat should be boiled first for convenience )

Add a little water if required to prevent dryness.

After few minutes, your pasta meal will be ready. Now consume it with yummy sauces to add flavor.

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We have discussed the benefits and cooking of brown rice pasta, and we will encourage you to just simply enjoy this fantastic food.

It your high time to explore this type of pasta that is very rich in nutrition and gives you the best taste. 


Whole Wheat Pasta Vs Brown Rice Pasta:

However, some differences exist here, e.g., if you are sensitive to sugar, whole wheat pasta is a good fit.

Similarly, if you are in celiac condition, then brown rice pasta is better for your meal.

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