Best Substitute For Rice Bran Oil

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Substitute For Rice Bran Oil:

5 Best  substitutes for Rice Bran Oil

  1. Canola Oil
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Sunflower Oil
  5. Flaxseed Oil

What Is Rice Bran Oil?

Surprisingly it is a fact that rice bran oil is the least utilized thing that has an agriculture base. The methodology and production method to extract rice bran oil is like any other oil making. 

Rice oil is extracted from the outer husk of the rice, which is left after the cleaning process of the grain. Due to its high smoking point (254C), it’s a good option for cooking food in many eastern countries e. g India, Thailand, China, Japan, etc. 

The bran is usually used as fodder for the cattle, but in recent years, the oil it possesses is beneficial in many ways in health maintenance, so suddenly, its demand increased a bit. But still, it needs proper recognition in its domain. 

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Is Rice Bran Oil Healthy?

Yes Rice Bran Oil healthy  and very beneficial for your health as it will improve your cardiovascular system, reduced the chance of cancer, kill bad odor, boosts immunity and improved skin.

In this post, we will discuss about the different benefits of Rice Bran Oil.


Potential Cardiac Health:

Rice Bran oil can have good effects on the cardiovascular system as it has a cholesterol-reducing factor. LDL is the bad cholesterol that can narrow the blood vessels, resulting in extra pressure on the heart; thus, it raises the potential hazard. 

Studies show that LDL is reduced significantly when people use a prescribed amount of Rice Bran oil in their daily routine (about 30ml). 


The studies also show that rice oil also possesses many anticancer agents in the form of radicals, which are soluble in the body. The agent’s name is Tocotrienols which is an antioxidant. 

According to the research, it is now visualized that these antioxidants have reduced the production of different cancer-forming cells in the liver, breast, lungs, etc. 

But this does not mean that Rice Bran Oil is a treatment of cancer. 

Kills Bad Odor:

In many eastern countries, it’s an old tradition to sibilating the oil like a mouthwash that will kill the bad odor of the mouth and refreshes the breath.  

The antioxidants found in the Bran Oil are the primary reason for this. The effect is very visible in the expecting women, and they showed an outstanding rate in reducing the bad mouth odor by using the Rice Bran Oil. 

Anti-Inflammatory Property:

As mentioned earlier about the antioxidants, Rice Bran Oil also has anti-inflammatory agents. For example, oryzanol is a molecule that limits the activities of the inflammation-causing enzymes. 

Atherosclerosis is a condition potentially triggered by the inflammation of the blood vessels and skin this can cause cardiac complications that may be threatening to human life. 

So in simple words, small amounts of regular intake of bran oil may help you reduce the chances of inflammation and other related conditions. 

Boosts Immunity:

Rice Bran Oil has the tendency to boost the natural immunity of your body in resistance to viral and bacterial infections.

But keep that in mind that only small amounts are advisable (30ml) per day.

Improved Skin:

The limited studies conducted in this domain have shown that the Rice Bran Oil extracts in cosmetics helped improve the health of skin cells of the arms, and face. 

This potentially shows the beneficial effects of Rice Bran Oil on the human skin. 

Side Effects Of Rice Bran Oil:

  • Omega-6 traces are found in this oil, so the excess consumption of Rice Bran Oil may cause some health issues. 
  • The saturated fat content is 22% that is a higher rate and can cause problems related to weight. 
  • As its absorption in the food is more than other oils, the cook may use the extra oil in disguise

Is there Arsenic in Rice Bran Oil?🤔


5 Best Substitutes For Rice Bran Oil:

Now, if you think that, what about the other oils that can be used as a substitute in the absence of bran oil. They should have equal or more health benefits as compared to bran oil to replace it. 

So following are the few oils that can be consumed as the substitute for Rice Bran Oil. 

5 Best Substitute For Rice Bran Oil

1. Canola Oil As Substitute For Rice Bran Oil:

Canola Oil can be used as a substitute for Rice Bran oil as it is rich in nutrients like MUFA fats, good for growth, and the least saturated fats in all oils. 

Canola Oil helps to regulate the high BP and reduce the risk of cardiac issues. It also has a neutral, light flavor that makes it the perfect choice for cooking. 

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2. Coconut Oil As Substitute For Rice Bran Oil:

Coconut oil is extracted from the white bulk of the coconut and contains easily digestible fats that help to provide energy for daily work and can be used as a substitute for Rice Bran oil.

It also has antiviral and antibacterial compounds that help to prevent from the diseases. Refined coconut oil has a high smoke point and boosts the metabolic system in adults. It helps brain cells to function better and weight loss.

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3. Olive Oil As A Substitute For Rice Bran Oil:

Olive oil is among the healthiest oils on the planet, origin in the Mediterranean region; this oil is very light and good for the heart. Olive oil also reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes. 

Olive Oil also helps to make the skin better and shiny, with a high smoke point that will add an amazing aroma to the food. Olive oil is also rich in vitamins that help the body to work correctly and can be used as a substitute for Rice Bran oil.

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4. Sunflower Oil As A Substitute For Rice Bran oil:

Sunflower oil is fetched from the seed of sunflower and is rich in vitamin E. It reduces the bad cholesterol to make your heart secure from the blood pressure and another good alternative for Rice Bran Oil. 

Sunflower oil is famous for its light and nutty taste with an amazing aroma that gives the perfect feel to your meals.

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5. Flaxseed Oil As A Substitute For Rice Bran Oil:

Flaxseed oil has omega3 fatty acid (ALA) that helps in improvement in muscle growth if taken in low amounts. 

Flaxseed oil has a low smoking point, so it is usually not recommended for deep frying and is only used for lighter use in salads, steaks, soups, etc.

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My Advice:

As we see, rice bran oil is very useful and can compensate for a wide range of food.  There are many options available in the market to use as a substitute for rice bran oil. I already share some of my favorite options with you in this post.

In my opinion Olive oil and sunflower oils are the best options, and you can also check out the other options.

Olive oil is the lightest and healthiest option but maybe not the cheapest one.            

FAQs Related To Rice Bran Oil:

Can Rice Bran Oil Be Used In Soap Making?

Rice bran oil can be easily used in soap making due to the fact that it has some essential vitamins, fatty acids, valuable minerals, and lather-forming ability. 

That’s why it heals skin issues and nourishes the skin, which is now used in organic soap making. 

What Are Some Best Oils To Use In Soaps And Skin Products?

Natural oils contain beneficial minerals to create glowing skin and have huge potential in skin care product making. Here are some of the best options to choose from.

Palm Oil:

It’s most widely used in cooking and now becoming popular in skin care products.

Olive Oil:

This light textured oil is very healthy in foods, and its different variants are becoming popular in the skincare market.

Coconut Oil:

This oil is very common in hair-related products, and organic soap brands are using it nowadays.

Rice Bran Oil:

Besides its usage in cooking, this oil is used with a combination of other oils to get a perfect blend of minerals in soaps and skin care.  

How To Improve The Smoke Point Of Rice Bran Oil?

Rice Bran Oil has a smoke point of 450 F which can resist high temperature and is suitable for frying and sautéing without making smoke and impacting the taste of the dish. If you want an even better smoke point, you can mix it with some other oils to experiment.

Usually, it alone caters to your frying needs without decomposing, and that’s why it’s good to use. 

What Advantage Does Rice Bran Oil Have Over Sunflower Oil?

Rice bran oil has a higher smoke point (232 C ) than sunflower oil(225 C ), making it a good fit to stir fry the food as it is harder to decompose and create smoke than sunflower oil which makes it easier to make smoke while frying.

Final Words:

So as you have now seen the benefits of Rice Bran Oil and some downsides of it. We recommend you always store the oils in a cold place because sometimes oil forms harmful chemicals inside them if faced with any heat. 

There are also plenty of rice bran oils substitute that can be used instead if you face any medical sensitivity against bran oil.

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