Rice Cooker Vs Stove

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Rice Cooker Vs Stove Top, What Is The Best Option? Narrative-Oriented Discussion.

We all know that rice is the third most popular staple food in the whole world after wheat and corn. People across the globe love rice, and it’s justifiable.

The reason is that the rice can be used in a versatile manner, from desserts to sushi to continental to traditional meals. 

Many variants of the rice vary from colors to grain size etc. Each rice type has its own cooking time and moisture requirements.

This post will discuss the comparison of rice cooker vs stove top to cook the rice and the different aspects of both tools.

What Is Rice Cooker?

Rice cookers have been in the market for many decades. They can cook the rice perfectly, and several dishes can be cooked in the rice cookers with super comfort.

Rice cookers can vary in features and prices from 20 $ to more than 200 $ depending on the advanced tech used in it. You can Check the difference between (Advance rice cooker) Fuzzy Logic Vs Regular rice cooker.

There is a cooking pot in the rice cooker that is heated via an induction or heating mechanism installed on the inner side of the cooker.

A control panel (can be with a digital timer) is installed on the outer side. An upper lid covers the cooking meal and builds the pressure inside the pot to cook better.

There is a detailed post about the what is rice cookers and purpose of rice cooker.

Modern rice cookers are digitally programmed to calculate different variables and decide to stop cooking when perfectly cooked. In this way, a user gets a perfectly cooked meal without any manual intervention that saves time. You can check the detail article related to evolution of rice cooker

Rice Cooking In Rice Cooker: How To Cook Rice In Rice Cooker?

  • You just have to place the rice and water in the correct ratio in the cooking pot, cover the lid, click the cooking command button, and Boom!
  • The meal will be ready in a few minutes, depending upon the rice type.
  • The experts encourage adding a little oil or butter to the rice before cooking to prevent any rice from sticking to the bottom of the cooking pot.

You can make a difference in rice dishes with the vegetables, meats, and mixed grains in the rice cookers.

Pros And Cons Of Rice Cooker

Benefits Of Rice Cookers:

  • Rice Cooker pretty much automates the rice cooking process for you.
  • Rice Cooker can cook a number of dishes besides the rice, and even a few rice cookers come with the steaming food option, saving energy and time. Things rice cooker can cook?
  • A digital timer helps you cook the rice perfectly and even adds the delay if you want to start the process later.
  • Keep warm mode is a blessing for you that keeps your food warm for hours.

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Disadvantages Of Rice Cookers

  • The advanced rice cookers can be a bit pricy for some people.

  • Cleaning the rice cooker after the cooking process requires extra care.

What Is Stove?

A stove is an enclosed space in which fuel is burned to heat either the space in which the stove is situated, or items placed on the heated stove or inside it in an oven. This article is concerned with enclosed stoves burning solid fuels for room heating.

A kitchen stove, cooker, or cook stove is a kitchen appliance designed for the purpose of cooking food. Kitchen stoves rely on the application of direct heat for the cooking process and may also contain an oven, used for baking.

“Cookstoves” (also called “cooking stoves” or “wood stoves”) are heated by burning wood or charcoal; “gas stoves” are heated by gas; and “electric stoves” by electricity.”

Rice Cooking On A Stovetop: How To Cook Rice On Stove?

Cooking on a stove can be a difficult process that requires attention to timing and detail. For example, when cooking rice on a stove it is important not to overcook it and add just enough water so that all of the rice is cooked through but does not become mushy.

Now we see the stove for the rice cooking purpose. You need to monitor the whole cooking process on the stovetop manually. Cooking rice on the stovetop can be a tricky thing for many people for the first time, and it can be mastered over time by trying and repeating the process a few times.

This manual method requires you to focus on the flame intensity, rice, and water ratio. Sometimes you need to change the size of the flame depending upon the rice texture you want or to keep the level of moisture in perspective.



  • Take a pot and add the water and rice in an appropriate ratio of 1 cup rice with 2 cups of water for the simple white rice and can be slightly varied depending on the rice type.
  • Add a little salt, oil, or butter to the pot and place the whole thing on the stove flame.
  • Now stir the rice with little breaks and check the texture continuously.

As I mentioned earlier, you will learn the method with time, and after a few attempts, you will master it.

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Pros And Cons Of Cooking Rice On Stove:

Benefits of Stove Top:

  • Stove rice making is affordable for middle-class people who cannot afford rice cookers.
  • You can directly check the rice texture and, by controlling the flame, can stop the cooking process when you feel like the rice is cooked.
  • You can do experiments while cooking the rice by adding any other ingredients to the rice.

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Disadvantages of Stove Top:

  • Stove requires manual checking to prevent any spoiling of rice.

  • Stove can be a tricky thing for the first-timers.

Rice Cooker Vs Stove Top:

A Rice cooker can cook many dishes besides rice, and it can cook veggies, meats, grains, lentils, soups, pasta, etc. It makes the process pretty much automatic.

While the stove is the traditional way to cook the rice and other foods, it requires practice, but once you get it, it’s super easy to make any food on it.

A rice bowl cooked on the stove and another one on a rice cooker can be equally delicious and healthy; it depends on different variables. So both rice cooker and stove have their importance.

Rice Cooker Vs Stove

Final Words: Rice Cooker Vs Stove:

So reading to this point, you might have made an opinion. But if you’re a gazer and lover of good food, then the way the food is cooked is rather important.

If you are an avid rice user, the rice cooker option might be good. But if you consume rice very few times in a month, then the stovetop method can save your kitchen space and give the same fresh rice meal.

The choice is yours, and you need to do the best research before purchasing a thing by keeping your needs and budget in mind. This way you can save a lot and enjoy your life too.