Is Rice Good For Bodybuilding? What Is The Best Rice For Body Building?

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Guess what is the best rice if you are trying to bulk up your body to build muscles and aim around bodybuilding. Are you considering brown rice or white rice?

Because of the fiber-rich composition and multiple nutrients in these grains the muscle growth of your body will be amplified without the accumulation of fats.

In this post, you will see some of the important rice types best for bodybuilding purposes. 

Is Rice Good For Bodybuilding?

The most versatile and easy-to-buy grain is rice which can be consumed in a number of ways. Rice is also very versatile in the sense that it can be part of salty dishes and desserts. But is rice good for bodybuilding and muscles gain?

Yes rice is good for bodybuilding and eating rice is is one of the cheapest ways to get calories and carbohydrates into your diet, especially if you’re a bodybuilder or athlete in need of this macronutrient to fuel workouts and build muscle mass. 

Rice is a great option for health-conscious foodies who are on a gluten-free diet because of potential celiac disease and other types of gluten-sensitive issues. 

Many types of rice are available in the market, each one has its own unique features and nutritional values.

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Why Is Rice Good For Bodybuilding?

As we know there are a lot of benefits of using rice in food, its cooking time is less, can be used in a combo of other ingredients, light on the pocket, etc. 

So why rice is good for bodybuilding? it’s the burning question because some rice types can cause issues related to blood sugar and that is not good for diabeticsInsulin is a chemical that helps to normalize blood sugar levels in the body.

When the blood sugar increases after the meal, the body gains energy; when blood sugar remains stable over time, the person feels energetic throughout the day. When sugar in glucose form enters cells in significant quantity, it is stored as glycogen or converted into fats for storage in adipose tissues. When glycogen stores are full, excess glucose becomes fat.   

Is White Rice Good For Muscle Gain?

Yes, white rice is supportive of muscle gain. If you are looking to gain muscle mass, then you should use white rice as your carbs source of choice over brown rice.

Because white rice has a higher glycemic index than brown rice. This means it is more suitable for controlling sugar levels than brown rice, which is beneficial for post-workout glycogen replenishment and protein absorption in the body.

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Is Brown Rice Good For Muscle Gain?

Mostly when it comes to the word rice the first thing that comes to the minds of people is the white rice that is cooked ready in under 20 minutes.

But is brown rice good for bodybuilding?

It’s a fact that brown rice is also an important type of rice with a bunch of amazing nutrients.  The cooking time for Brown rice  is about 40 minutes on average and the healthy nutrients like fiber, carbs, and proteins in the brown rice are extremely beneficial to the human body.

Brown rice is low in fats and easily covers our daily carbs demand when it comes to building muscles. It also contains the antioxidants that are used to control cholesterol and thus saving your blood vessels from narrowing down thus keeping your heart healthy.

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What Is Better For Bodybuilding Brown Or White Rice?

It is a most asked question related to the health-conscious persons: which rice is best for their fitness.

  • Brown rice is a good option for the bodybuilding process as compared to white rice because it contains more healthy nutrients and fiber than plain white rice, which makes this a better source of carbs and also if you are looking to lose fat.
  • Brown rice helps to control the blood sugar levels in the body more suitably, so definitely a good choice for diabetics.  
  • Contrary to brown rice, white rice can create surges in blood sugar levels, which is not good for diabetic conditions and can create medical issues.
  • Brown rice has more protein than white rice, which eliminates the feeling of hunger and the person feels fulfilled after consuming it.
  • Brown rice provides more amount of energy than  simple white rice because brown rice is a whole grain that is not milled like white rice and milling reduces the nutritional value of rice.
  • If a person is fiber content-sensitive so in that case, white rice is more suitable for that person due to the reason that white rice has less fiber ratio as compared to brow rice.    
  • Bran layer of the brown rice is thick and also contains fats in it. Essential metals i.e iron, magnesium, calcium, and zinc are present in both the white and brown rice but with a little difference in ratios per gram.

The main difference between brown rice and white rice is the milling process and brown rice is a whole grain in nature that gives it a little edge over plain white rice in the nutrients’ density and weight control factors.

This means that a person feels less hungry after consuming brown rice as compared to the relatively more amount of white rice so less meal consumption will keep the body weight on track.

It is advisory to persons with medical sensitivity issues to consult their doctors before consuming any of the rice.   

How Much Rice Should I Eat To Gain Muscle?

The fact that brown rice has more nutrients than white rice doesn’t make it the best choice all the time. The body absorbs the natural ingredients of the rice to a certain capacity and every person has his own liking in place so both of these rice types are good In their own domain.

One of the main goals should be getting 100 % of the daily value (DV) of essential vitamins and minerals, which means eating 1⁄2 cup of cooked brown or white rice a few times per week will meet the health needs.

While some people claim that brown rice is better than white, remember that all calories are equal when it comes to gaining muscle mass whether it’s a brown or white rice meal. 

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What is The Best Time To Eat Rice?

For a diet-conscious person, timing is a key factor and it’s ultra-important in the case of rice. Rice is the darling food for the max population of the planet cause it can be consumed in multiple ways and have a wide range of taste spectrum and can also be taken as a snack food.

If you want to gain max benefit from the rice meal, make sure to consume it before any of the carb diets. Recent research from Japan showed that participants who consumed brown rice at breakfast ate significantly fewer calories at lunch compared with those who ate white bread with their breakfast.

Actually, after consuming the white bread at breakfast and brown rice at lunch—both groups consumed roughly 400 fewer calories over two meals than if they had eaten just white bread for both meals. 

How Long Should I Wait Before Working Out After Eating Rice?

The best choice for bodybuilding is brown rice because of the more fiber ad proteins in it that regulate the metabolic cycle and serve as the carbohydrate fuel for the body.

If you want to gain muscle mass please take a little break (about 40 min) after cosigning the rice meal so the carbohydrates start to digest and that will be beneficial when you start the workout. 

Can Rice Make You Fat?

The answer is quite technical, you can cut the intake of rice if you want to lose weight because consuming more rice means excessive fats and carbs will enter into your body and its avg GI is 70 so it’s a potential cause of the rice in blood sugar levels.

So the fats can store under the skin causing the fatness of the body. So consume a normal amount of rice with ample amount of physical movement so your weight stays in place.


Now reading to this point you have known some important factors related to rice and you know your body better than anyone else in the world.

If you are into bodybuilding please do your research and consult your nutritionist before taking any step so you can reach your goal smoothly.