Can You Cook Beans In A Rice Cooker

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What is Beans?🤔

These are the seed of a broader plant family (Fabaceae) and comes in different colors and sizes. These are also referred to as ‘legumes’, a special kind of seeds that originates from the flowers of the Fabaceae plants family and has been consumed as food for human beings for centuries.

Some common types of beans are peanuts, kidney beans, chickpeas and soybeans etc. These are rich in nutrients, e.g. proteins, vitamins and antioxidants etc.

what is beans

Health Benefits of Beans:

Beans have some of the best amino acids and are also recommended for mass muscle gain. Following are the few main benefits to consume beans.

  • The fiber content in the beans helps to maintain the blood sugar levels of diabetic people.
  • The removal of appetite is quick when the per serving of the beans is consumed, which adds energy to your body very fast after the meal.
  • Beans help improve the metabolic system, cleanse the intestine, nourish the beneficial bacterial activity in the system, and positively impact the gut.
  • It promotes RBC (red blood cells) production because of the float content that helps the cells repair and grow healthily.
  • Improves the heart rate; according to research, cardiovascular issues reduce in persons who regularly take the meal of beans in their diet.
Health Benefits of Beans

Healthiest Type of Beans:​

Beans are the best choice for vegans to replace meat products because of the energy-rich proteins in beans. Following are the healthiest beans according to energy rate.

Healthiest Type of Beans

Kidney Beans:

This fiber-rich type of beans is most famous for replacing meat in the vegans, and 1 serving of 100g of this provides nearly 155 calories and 9g of proteins to the consumer.

Kidney Beans also stops the rise in blood sugar levels due to fiber content and is friendly for diabetic persons.

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This type is ultra-rich in proteins, and preserving can hold up to 210 calories and 8g of proteins. That’s why Chickpeas are most energetic type of beans after the meat.

Chickpeas helps in heart rate improvement and reduces cancer chances, and facilitates weight loss by the diet method

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Soya Beans

Soya Beans is rich with antioxidants, these types of beans are popular in the Asian region and contain a large amount of calories too with sizeable protein content.

Soya Beans helps to reduce cholesterol levels and prevent the thickening of blood vessels, so the heart works without any pressure. It also resists certain types of cancer-producing agents in the body. It is also suitable for bone health.

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Why Cook Beans In A Rice Cooker?

Some people confuse the rice cooker function to the rice only. What they forgot is that this cooking device is now so advanced that it is not limited to rice cooking anymore, but a plethora of different foods can be prepared in it with the best possible results.

The reason to choose the rice cooker is that technology has been so innovative that it automatically senses the best cooking stage of the foods and know when the best moisture state comes with the best texture.

It not only eliminates the hustle to cook the beans contrary to the traditional stove way where the manual monitoring was vital, and still there was no surety for the best bean meal. 

It auto-selects the temperature and pressure required to make the perfect bean meal for you. That’s why we recommend you try a rice cooker for your next meal of beans; trust me, you won’t regret it.

Some Of The Best Rice Cooker For Beans:

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How To Cook Beans In A Rice Cooker?

As kidney beans are the most popular and common in use, we will show you how to cook a yummy and healthy meal of beans in a rice cooker’s simple and best possible way.

We recommend you kindly choose an advanced model of rice cooker, so that will cover a lot of healthy dishes for you. 

Can You Cook Beans In A Rice Cooker

So we are considering the beans are 1 cup, and you will need about 3 cups of water to dip them in it while cooking.

  • Please soak the beans in the water a whole night before the cooking (this will make the cooking easy and even), then pour out the beans and place them in the rice cooker’s pot.
  • Now add the 3 cups of water in the pot on the beans, so they totally dip in. add some chopped onions, veggies (if like) and 1 spoon of olive oil (for aroma and prevent the sticking beans to the bottom).
  • Now press the cooking button to start the process. Once the 1st cycle is complete at the indication of the machine, check the water level; if it still covers the beans, then it’s ok but if it decreases, then add a little to cover the beans and again click the cooking button and note that when the total time of cooking cycles equals to 80 minutes then switch off the rice cooker.
  • Your meal is ready; cooking time can vary according to the beans’ atmospheric conditions and nature, etc.
  • We suggest you constantly learn and try new recipes before cooking so you can enjoy even more without any issues.

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Using a rice cooker to make a ‘Bean Meal’ is a clever and good idea, and by reading to this point, I am sure you agree to this point. So enjoy the healthy beans as a weekly plan or according to your diet schedule.

I hope you will get the best health and shape by controlling your diet and doing the vigorous workout to maintain the health game.

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