Barley vs Rice

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Barley vs Rice: What is the Difference between Barley and Rice?

Grains are of different shapes and flavors; we know a lot of different species of grains. Each one of them has its own benefits and properties.

In today’s post, we will discuss the Barley vs Rice comparison and their benefits to decide which is better than the other. So let’s dive into the game!

barley vs rice

What Is Rice?

For centuries this magical grain has served the human race as a primary food for many eastern cultures thanks to its Asian origin. 

Rice grain has many different types according to color, size, and texture, etc. most popular ones are white rice, brown rice, red rice, black rice, etc.

Eastern countries, i.e., china, japan, Korea, India, Thail, etc., have a large population still consuming this grain as a staple food to date. While the immigration to the western world also created the diaspora of these eastern countries in the West, so their food is also introduced here, and now rice is becoming popular in the US and Europe. 

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What is Rice

What Is Barley?

Barley is also a long fellow for the human race, and some researches show its cultivation starts in 5000-7000 BC in western Asian and North African land.

Barley grain is also mentioned in many scriptures of the Bible, showing its vintage origin; in the ancient world, it was the primary food for a large population of humans and as fodder for cattle.

There are many types of barely with the exact ancestral origin and can be used in several ways as they have many health benefits for human health. 

Nowadays, it still holds the ground due to its increased production and wide usage. Barley is popular in the East and West alike, and many cultures include this marvelous grain in their cuisines.

Barley vs Rice Nutrition:

Rice Nutrition Facts:

As a staple food of a large population of the world, rice has many health advantages for the human body.

  • Rice provides an ample amount of energy to the consumer, predominantly brown rice, full of calories that helps to gain muscle mass for the people who want to gain weight and do gym or CrossFit work.
  • As fiber is the major component in the rice grain, it also helps reduce the risks of cancer and normalize the blood pressure, so the cardiac hazards are also reduced to a large extent by using white rice or brown rice regularly.
  • Rice helps to nourish the skin cells both in its powdered form and cooked form. Topical skin solutions involve rice water, too; the rice’s components and vitamins help purify the skin cells and enable them to absorb the essential nutrients for their betterment and growth.
  • If you are an avid worker, a health-conscious person who always wants to be in shape, rice is an excellent source of proteins for you.
  • Brown rice is equally beneficial for diabetic people as it helps regulate blood sugar levels and prevents the glucose from being soluble in the blood that will help the person from any threat related to sugar spike in the blood.
  • Moreover, rice also contains vitamins that help to function the different organs of the body with better efficiency and also helps to strengthen the hairs.

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Barley Nutrition Facts:

Barely, on the other hand, it also has some key benefits for humans as this is a whole grain and also used as a processed state, so both have their own perks.

  • Barely has some amazing antioxidants that reduce the chances of stroke.
  • It also helps to control the cholesterol levels of the body by managing it to a safer level. So it helps to function the cardiac muscles properly and prevents strains on the heart, so we can say it is suitable for your heart.
  • Boosts your body’s immunity as it has strong lignans that are considered the agent to battle viral diseases and bacterial infections. In other words, it makes your immune system foolproof in terms of functioning and strength. 
  • Facilitate your nervous system and metabolism due to the valuable minerals and vitamins that are easy to digest and helps to absorb the energy from food quickly.
  • The fiber content in the Barley helps control weight in your body, expelling the toxins from the blood, and making your body light and well-functioning.
  • Barley also contains essential metals like potassium that is vital for the body

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Barley Vs Rice Nutrition Comparison Table:

Following is the 1 cup rice (brown) vs. 1 cup barely analysis of the components. So you can know the values of important ingredients for better choice according to your diet goals. 

Nutrition Facts









Vitamin B6















This Barley vs Rice comparison shows the tight grainy battle of nutrients among both grains, and by looking at this Barley vs Rice comparison, you can decide the best option for you in your diet plan.

Is Barley Good For You? Which One Is Good For Diabetic?

Barely is safer to use option for diabetic persons, while brown rice suits the best for this scenario alongside the red rice and black rice.

Rice is gluten-free, but it barely has gluten in it, so people sensitive to it should take into notice that fact.

Taste-wise, both grains are nearly identical but barely sometimes give a sweety node, and rice is slightly nutty.

How to Cook Barley in a Rice Cooker?

  • Take 1 cup of barely, and rinse with the water, now take 2 cups of water, and pour in the cooking pot of the cooker with the barely, you can add beans, corns or any other veggies chopped, and boiled meat slices in it with spices of your choices.
  • Then cover the cooker’s lid, and if the cooker has a brown rice option just select that, your veggie will barely be ready in 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Now you can enjoy it with your loved ones. 

Please note that if you are cooking more amount of barely increase the water ratio as double (  1 cup barely= 2 cups of water) and soaking the barely for 1 or 2 hours is best before the cooking.

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Conclusion (Barley vs Rice):

As for now, after reading this post, you have witnessed both grains have their strong points and give a tough competition to each other.

According to us, a win-win is just there, as rice is gluten-free but barely more effective in quick energy gain. So it would be best if you decided which of them suits you the best.

We recommend you try them both from time to time to get all the essential nutrients for your growth and health.

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